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12 Best Camping Hammocks for Beginners (Budget to Premium)

Camping in a tent is fine. But hammock camping is faster and easier. In this post, I share the 12 best camping hammocks for beginners. These are easy to setup, solidly made, and a reasonable price. The three best picks are highlighted right at the top of the post.

Best camping hammock

Campers rejoice! Ultimate Guide to Hammock Camping

12 Best Camping Hammocks for Beginners

Is there anything better than lazing in a hammock under the shade of a big old tree with a cold drink in your hand?

There may seem to be endless choices that all look exactly the same, so we’ve taken into consideration the essentials like – weight, construction materials, straps and attachments, where you’ll be taking it, how many people it can hold and of course color.

Best double camping hammock

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Now you may be thinking ‘WOW I never thought of all that’ which is why we are here to help so when you shop for your first hammock you have the confidence to do it like a pro, because you know exactly what you’re looking for.

This guide is divided into three sections:

  1. Top Picks (3) (jump to section)
  2. Best camping hammocks, ordered from budget to premium (jump to section)
  3. Best specialty hammocks (jump to section)

This is a pretty big guide. If you’re just looking for our top recommendations, I’ve put together this quick guide. Here are our top picks for the best camping hammocks.

So, without further ado, let’s get started.

Our Top Pick: Best Value Overall

Now, this was a tough choice with all the great hammocks out there but this Wise Owl Outfitters hammock really does tick all the boxes for everything you could want in a hammock.

Check current price on Amazon.

Features include: 201T parachute nylon, triple interlocking stitching, steel d-shape carabiners, 8 foot nautical grade ropes and stuff sack. And it comes in 26 colors – and either single or double size.

Compact, lightweight, really well-made and incredibly strong, you really can’t go wrong. Holding two adults easily, it’s roomy, soft and comfortable and is reinforced on both ends so you never have to worry about it ripping.

Our Top Pick: Best Budget Choice

Crazy good value for the money, this hammock is actually larger for less money which is why it’s our top pick for best value hammock, more bang for your buck as they say.

Check current price on Amazon.

Easy to set up, it’s made from quality materials, lightweight and although it’s huge, when you pack it up you’ll be amazed at the volleyball sized bag it condenses down into. Yes, that includes the straps.

Our Top Pick: Best Premium Product

Their double camping hammock is not only silky soft and good for your comfort, it’s good for your soul.

Donating a tree with every purchase – they not only have an excellent hammock but also give back to Mother Nature. Thick tree friendly straps that don’t cut into the trunk or rub off bark are included.

Check current price on Amazon.

Incredibly strong, soft parachute nylon cradles you like a dream.

No matter where you erect it – in the forest, mountaintop or on a boat, it’s quality components stand up to any environment with marine grade line and attachments so you can literally take it anywhere.

Best hammock for camping

The 12 Best Camping Hammocks for Beginners: These top 12 hammocks are fantastic value for money and well built, while still being lightweight and durable. They come with all the accessories meaning you are bound to find one that’s a perfect for your needs.

After all, aside from your camping trip, you may want to string it up in the backyard during those long summer days.

So let’s get started, we’ll work our way down, starting with budget and through to premium hammocks that include all the extra features.

Best family camping hammock

Best Camping Hammocks: From Budget to Premium

1. Foxelli Camping Hammock

Foxelli camping hammocks are lightweight, durable and made of super tough 210T parachute nylon.

Not only do they safely hold two adults with a rating of 5oo lbs, they are comfy and soft supporting your body after that long trek or hard days’ work, allowing you to relax completely.

Check current price on Amazon.

The best part is they come with straps instead of ropes so they don’t damage the trees by stripping bark away like a lot of their competitors do.

At only 17oz. they are perfect for hikers, bikers, campers and all other outdoor adventurers as they are easily attached to your backpack and so light you don’t even notice. Super quick and easy to set up within minutes of your arrival at your destination,  just climb in, rest your weary feet and enjoy the nature around you.

Available in a range of colors you can feel like a part of nature itself by blending in with the trees in naturals colors, or stand out in your favorite color so no-one walks into you.

2. MalloMe XL Double Camping Hammock

MalloMe is made of the same 210T super strong parachute nylon as our top pick. Effortlessly fitting two adults in this XL hammock, it’s rated with a max breaking capacity of 1,000lbs so you could easily fit the entire family if you wanted to, although we can’t vouch for how comfortable it would be with that many people in one hammock… that’s a lot of knees and elbows!

Check current price on Amazon.

But don’t worry – with strong straps instead of rope along with triple stitching on the hammock itself, it’s perfectly reinforced so if you do decide to stuff your entire family into the hammock for a giggle you can do so safely without fear that it will rip and you’ll all tumble out in one laughing heap.

Quick and easy to set up, it’s so lightweight that you may be surprised as you pull it out of the bag as it just keeps coming, like one of those never-ending handkerchief magic tricks.

Available in four bright colors, even though it is an XL hammock, it’s still lightweight and packs down to roughly 1 lb (lighter than many other brands) to become the size of a volleyball – so it’s easy to handle, stow away in your car or backpack and is ready to go anywhere with you. In fact, some people use this instead of a tent for weekend getaways or overnight treks.

3. Edge Outfitters Lightweight Double Camping Hammock

This hammock weighs just 2 lbs which makes it easy to take with you on any outdoor adventure.

The soft, strong and durable 210T parachute nylon is triple stitched and extremely hardy, capable of lasting the rest of your life. It also means that it is easily able to hold two adults up to 500lbs so you only need to take one hammock instead of two.

Check current price on Amazon.

Suitable for every terrain from your backyard or patio through to those wintry forests with snow underfoot. It’s versatile enough to handle it all so you can still enjoy forest walks in winter, and use it as an outdoor seat when you stop for a mid-morning snack.

Quick and easy to set up, attaching the tree friendly straps it’s much easier than tying knots with rope.

Straps also give you the added bonus of not having to worry that you are harming the tree or shredding bark, so when you pack up you can leave knowing you’ve left the site just as you found it. You can also tie these straps if you would prefer for another option.

Only available in two different colors – blue/charcoal or red/charcoal.

4. Prodigen Double Camping Parachute Hammock

This has the most well designed straps that are both tree friendly and adjustable with three different lengths for you to choose from, built in loops, and triple stitched so there is no chance of slipping or breaking.

Check current price on Amazon.

Ideal as the super strong parachute nylon can hold up to 500lbs in the form of two adults, so depending on the size of the people in the hammock you can shorten the straps to provide a more comfortable height no matter how tall they are.

Material is breathable so you don’t get too hot when you’re all snugly in there with another person, and the ultra-lightweight carabiners are aviation grade, so guaranteed not to snap or break through the end of the hammock.

With a few colors to choose from you can choose the more neutral, natural colors that blend into natural surroundings or you can stand out in a Kermit-the-Frog lime green so your friends don’t lose you. Great value for the money!

5. Bear Butt Double Parachute Hammock

This is a powerhouse in the outdoor accessory world, and everything a hammock should be.

Strong, the 75D nylon is rated for 500 lb but tested for 900lb with no problems and as they say “it ain’t rippin’ or breakin’ so don’t be trippin”.

Check current price on Amazon.

Plus, it’s breathable while still being silky soft for you to snuggle up in, by yourself or with that special someone for you to enjoy your time in the great outdoors to the max.

Complete with all the usual straps, carabiners and ropes. This family company has skyrocketed to the top spot so quickly for a reason. Their hammock is incredibly compact and packs down to just one and a half pounds for you to attach to your backpack or bike without even knowing you’re carrying it.

Available in a great range of colors. They offer a money back guarantee so you can get a replacement or a full refund anytime for any reason.

6. Wise Owl Outfitters

These hammocks tick all the boxes for everything you could want or need in a hammock. Made of lightweight 210T parachute nylon, they are super soft – cushioning your body for maximum comfort with the added bonus of feeling silky under your hand so it’s luxurious to the touch.

Check current price on Amazon.

The fabric is also insanely strong so your time spent lazing away is extra enjoyable, all cushioned in your new favorite hammock. In fact, don’t be surprised if you hop in to read a book and wake up 3hrs later!

They weigh next to nothing with the double hammock coming in at 26oz. and packing down to the size of an eggplant. Okay, a large eggplant but that’s still small enough to throw in your backpack before you leave the house to go hiking, camping, picnicking or anywhere else you’d like to take it.

It comes with carabiners already attached and reinforced at both ends to prevent tearing loose, and the 8ft ropes are easily handled by first timers and experienced outdoorsman alike.

Being longer than a lot of other brands you have enough rope to attach it to just about anything. Sturdy trees, yacht masts, palm trees on the beach or mountain rocky outcrops, it’s rated to withstand it all and is suitable for all climates from desert to snow, so you’re good to go.

If this is your first time setting up a hammock they include an instructional email ( called “Some helpful tips for your new hammock”) which you receive when your order is shipped.

It also comes with an instruction manual attached teaching you how to tie knots for those of us who aren’t expert knot tiers or sailors.

Best hammock for family camping

Don’t forget that you can take your hammock from your campsite down to the beach. The kids aren’t the only ones that’ll love it…

7. Gold Armour XL Double Hammock

This hammock is extra-large and super strong so there’s no sagging. It’s also lightweight – weighing just one and a half pounds so you can take it anywhere. It’s compact, packing down to the size of a volleyball for ease of carrying with you, in the car or in a pack.

Check current price on Amazon.

Idiot proof setup – the best thing is that the straps are longer than most of its competitors, with 16 attachment loops so it’s extremely adaptable and adjustable which makes it nearly idiot proof to set up quickly.

Even if it’s your first time setting up a hammock it will take just a minute, it’s just a matter of attach and get in. Incredibly simple and easy for beginners.

It comes in a huge range of colors from hot fuchsia pink and purple to black and grey, or natural so you blend in and feel like you are part of the environment. The biggest problem you might have is choosing just one. Comes with a 15 year warranty.

8. Honest Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

This is brilliant for beginners as it’s super easy to set up and they even help you learn how. Setting up within minutes is easy as you can either adjust the straps (recommended) or tie the straps like you would with rope.

Check current price on Amazon.

The straps are tree friendly sitting flush around the trunk so they don’t cut in (like rope would) and saving the bark so you don’t damage the tree.

With the quick set up you can already be in your hammock relaxing while your friends are still setting up, but no matter how much you’re tempted don’t rub it in…they might not see the funny side.

Rated to 500lbs this two-person hammock easily fits two adults and is made of the 210T nylon used to make parachutes so it’s strong enough to support comfortably.

Plus, it’s breathable while being ultra-soft so it’s super-duper comfy to relax in. Top rated carabiners are part of the package and already attached with a high threshold so they won’t tear out of the reinforced, triple stitched fabric of the hammock.

All you have to do is pull it out of the bag and attach it to the tree, rock, car or anything else sturdy and you’re good to go. Jump in and relax, put your feet up and enjoy nature.

A great range of colors are available for you to find the perfect hammock, and they are so durable you’ll have it for a lifetime.

9. Arbor Creek Outfitters Best Double Camping Hammock

This is not only silky soft and good for your comfort, it’s good for your soul. As lovers of the great outdoors, every time you climb in you can breathe a sigh of contentment knowing that your purchase helped to donate a tree back to the forests.

Check current price on Amazon.

This hammock is suitable for every climate and environment including out on the water as it has nautical grade line with rust-proof stainless steel snaps, so you can string it up on a boat without any worries of it degrading or rusting.

Attach it to your mast, a tree in the forest, palm trees on the beach or a rocky outcropping and wrap up in a super soft cocoon and enjoy a sunset snuggle, cocktail on the beach or mountain panorama from the ridgetop.

Don’t worry it’s rated for 500lbs and triple stitched so it will hold two adults comfortably.

Truly environmentally friendly, it’s easy to set up within minutes and includes padded support for the tree friendly straps to prevent them rubbing off the bark and damaging the tree, or cutting into the trunk like ropes can.

The additional padding on the straps also protects paint if you are setting it up on a yachts mast or in between two cars, where the last thing you want is scratched or rubbed off paint.

Incredibly lightweight and durable, it packs down into its own travel bag which is conveniently sewn on so you can’t lose it, and can conveniently double as a book holder when you are snoozing instead of reading.

Available in four colors you have your pick of green, light blue, dark blue or maroon.

10. Winner Outfitters Double Camping Hammock

This hammock is built with ropes three times the thickness of other leading brands. These attach securely to top rated carabiners that won’t break or snap your hammocks fabric.

Check current price on Amazon.

Each triple stitched, reinforced end of the hammock is already strengthened ensuring it won’t rip out or break through the fabric, no matter how long you stay in the hammock or wriggle around. These attach to wide tree friendly straps that won’t scrape all the bark off, this hammock is the personification of elegance.

Even the carabiners have a classy flat edge so it doesn’t snag your hammocks fabric or cut into the rope, all rolled up into a compact 1.5lb package.

Made of the super strong parachute 210T nylon it won’t sag and is rated to hold 500 lbs easily so two adults can comfortably enjoy watching that perfect sunset.

No matter where you are, this hammock is designed to make your life more enjoyable and sets up quickly to any sturdy object nearby. Mountain boulders, thick forest trees or in between two cars, it’s versatility means you can take it everywhere.

Mildew resistant and durable enough to last a lifetime, the breathable fabric ensures your ultimate comfort. Triple interlocked stitching adds to the strength and durability, Winner Outfitters are so confident you will love their hammock that they provide a money back guarantee.

11. Live Infinitely Double Outdoor Camping Hammock

This premium hammock is made with the finest quality materials, with aircraft grade, snag free, ultra-lightweight carabiners.

Check current price on Amazon.

The loops are long with 16 different attachment loops so they are extremely adjustable. They have developed new strengthened sling ends which cut out the need to tie knots, so for those not 100% confident in their knot tying abilities it takes away that need to always check your knots before you climb in, or worry about them slipping.

Packing down to a small bag, you will be pleasantly surprised when you pull it out of the bag and it just keeps coming to reveal an XL hammock 6”6’ wide when set up.

When it’s time to pack up it condenses down into its small bag again which compresses more as you tighten the compression strap, so you end up with a bag so small you wonder how it all fit…and that’s including the tree straps making it perfect for travel.

Incredibly versatile, it’s as easy to set up for the first timer as it is for an experienced outdoorsman with 32 different attachment points making it perfect for every height and how much of a wiggler you are in the hammock. In fact, it’s so easy to set up the kids can do it for you.

The best camping hammock

Specialty Camping Hammock

To finish off we’d also like to include a specialty pick just in case you want something a little different with an added extra, so you feel like you are in the Taj Mahal of hammocks.

12. Ezfull Double Hammock with Mosquito Net

One of the greatest joys of the great outdoors is the fresh air, and I think it’s safe to say that one of the greatest irritants are the mosquitoes, no-see-ums, gnats,  and other bugs.

Check current price on Amazon.

Ah, if only there was a way to fully enjoy that fresh outdoor air without the all too familiar bzzz of a mosquito honing in on its dinner – you, oh hang on there is … a hammock with a mosquito net!

This distinctive design has a dual purpose. It can be used as a hammock or an aerial tent. Invert it by turning it upside down during the day for a strong, comfortable hammock and when the sun descends below the horizon and the bities come out, flip it over and set up the mosquito net so you no longer have to forfeit your time outside (or become dinner).

Want a little more protection from biting bugs? Check out our Campers Guide to Essential Oil Bug Repellent.

Extremely strong, it’s capable of comfortably holding 660 lbs which is 25% more than most of their competitors’ hammocks.

It also means you can comfortably sleep two adults all snuggled up in the soft and insanely strong 210T parachute nylon. There’s no need to worry about falling down in the middle of the night, well, unless your knot slips of course.

Now I know you’re all dying to know about the mosquito net so here’s everything you need to know.

It’s not easily torn as it’s closely connected to the hammock along the seams. The mosquito mesh itself is actually mosquito repellent with the added bonus of the precise hole design ensuring it’s ventilated but not allowing a huge airflow under the net – so you are even protected from those cooler air flows.

It comes complete with easy to follow set up instructions, sturdy construction with reinforcing on both ends to prevent tearing and an interior pocket to put your phone, keys and other bits’ n pieces so you don’t lose them or have to leave them outside.

Complete with all straps, ropes, carabiners and net, it’s perfect for hikers that don’t want to take a tent or climbers that are looking to set up a base camp and have to carry what they need.

It’s light enough to be portable and packs down to the size of a grapefruit so it fits in you pack or is easily tied to the outside.

Best camping hammock brands

No matter which hammock you choose, it will be a great investment which you and your family will be enjoying for years to come.

Hammocks are proven to help you fall asleep faster as well as improve the quality of your sleep, so you’ll probably want to take it with you everywhere…

… although maybe not to work – your boss may not appreciate it.

Best camping hammock for two

Your Turn

Which hammock do you have your eye on? What’s the most important feature to you? Join me in the comments.

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