Heading out on an adventure? Here are the best GoPro backpacks and backpack mounts to film your adventure. Perfect for vlogging, this gear makes shooting easier. Plus, 8 factors to consider when choosing. Table of Contents 7 Best GoPro Backpacks: Plus 5 GoPro Backpack Mounts8 Factors to Consider When Choosing GoPro Backpacks1. Capacity2. External GoPro […]

Heading out on a hike? In this post by blogger Brenda Kimble (bio), you’ll learn about 5 day hike essentials. These reminders will make your hike safer and more enjoyable. Table of Contents 5 Day Hike Essentials: What to Wear on Your Mountain Hike!1. Day Hike Essential: Proper Footwear2. Day Hike Essential: Long Pants3. Day Hike […]

Traveling abroad requires planning, packing, and travel insurance. Sure, it isn’t as exciting as getting a new camera, safari gear, or even buying flights. But choosing the best international travel insurance means that an unexpected hiccup doesn’t become anything more. Table of Contents Best International Travel Insurance for Hikers and Adventurers: 5 Options and 8 […]

These RV gadgets will make your travel easier, safer, and more fun. While many of these items are good for occasional RVers, they are must-haves for the full-timers. This is a guest post by Shelley Trupert. (bio) Table of Contents 6 Must-Have RV Gadgets1. Tire Pressure Monitors2. RV Specific GPS Units3. Electronic Leveling Systems4. Security on […]

Cooking outdoors requires the right heat source and the correct cookware. In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose the best camping cookware for your trip (6 factors). I also include cooking tips, accessories, and safety gear. Table of Contents Best Camping Cookware for Hikers and Campers: Buyers GuideBest Camping Cookware Top Choice: Bisgear Camping Cookware […]

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