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243 Funny Camping Fails to Make You Feel Better (Tent, Kayak, Canoe, Hiking)

So you’re going camping. How hard can it be? It’s just living outside. In a nylon bag. Doing things you haven’t done for years. And then it begins. One camping fail. Then another. Soon, your camping fails are featured on AFV, Fail Army and the local news.

Camping fails

Here are the best camping fails I could find – and I looked pretty hard. Have I missed your favorite one? Let me know in the comments.

243 Camping Fails to Make You Feel Better

In this post, you’ll find enough camping fails to make yourself feel like a hardened outdoors person. And you’ll likely learn a few lessons on the way.

Lazy? Jump to the video section and avoid this exhausting scrolling…

1. Wind whipped tent

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Want to avoid this? Here’s how to stake a tent properly

2. Analog Action Camera with Duct Tape Mount

I don’t think this is going to give you the results you’re looking for. Just get a GoPro and things will turn out okay.

Here are 13 tips for biking GoPro photography.

Analog action cam. #campingfail #letscamp

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3. Too Much Mattress, Too Little Tent

Sure, it’s nice to be comfortable. But how about measuring before you inflate? Even better, before you buy…

It might be time to get a new tent.

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4. Who knew that tent pegs mattered?

Myth busted: Tent pegs are more than makeshift marshmallow sticks. They actually keep your tent where you left it…

Don’t forget a hammer or rubber mallet to pound your pegs into the ground.

5. Calling for light rain this evening…

“Light drizzle later this evening shouldn’t amount to much…”

Lesson: Don’t trust the weather forecast. Make sure to place your tent on higher ground – away from creeks and streams.

Others might be less enthusiastic… #campingfail #flashflood

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6. You don’t miss it ’til it’s gone…

It probably won’t rain tonight…

Toilet paper is one of those things that you’ll want dry. Trust me, it’s not going to do the trick when it is soggy.

Before heading to bed or on a hike, check that everything is under cover. A ziplock bag will do wonders.

It’s all frowns here at the campsite. #campingfail

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7. Cars don’t float

Don’t forget to leave your car in park (or in gear), with the emergency brake engaged when fetching your boat from the lake. Simple yet critical.

8. Not all pegs are created equal

While this is visually pleasing, it doesn’t help much at keeping your tent pegged down.

Avoid this camping fail with unbreakable forged steel pegs.

9. Rain days and Mondays…

10. Dog ate my shoe

Amber Green woke one morning to find that her dog chewed through her sandal strap – leaving her on shoeless search for replacements.

Avoid this awkwardness and bring an extra pair of shoes … and maybe a chew toy.

11. Maybe camping isn’t for Rena Jones

12. Good morning ground!

Now this is one way to wake up in the morning.

Tip: Don’t make a hammock with an old tarp. It just won’t end well.

If you want things to turn out better, check out our Ultimate Guide to Hammock Camping.

13. Tent pegs people – TENT PEGS!

14. Death wish campers

15. Free physics lesson

Fun Fact: Novelty carabiners can’t support the weight of a human.

If you’re going hammock camping, you’ll want heavy duty carabiner clips, like these ones by Favofit that hold 2697 lbs each!

16. Oversized firewood

While this is one way to add fuel to a fire, it might not work as well as they imagined.

New to all of this? Here’s our guide to starting a campfire – the unstupid way.

Do you think it’ll burn? #camping #campfire #camp #fire #campingfail

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17. Really?!

Setting up a tent isn’t hard – you can even do it yourself.

How do you camp?! #CampingFail #CloseEnough

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18. Another rough night at Incompetent Campground

19. Comfort and Fashion

If you don’t have the luxury of purple fuzzy sock and sandals, you might consider a pair of actual hiking shoes.

20. Location, Location, Location

Yes, location matters – that table is well placed.

21. Some tech is afraid of water

And not all chairs become miniature swimming pools. Here’s our guide to choosing the best beach chair.

22. Tents don’t last forever

Looks like this one died a few years ago. If your tent looks remotely like this, you’ll probably want to read our guide to buying a new tent.

23. Tents don’t keep things cool

Tents get hot enough to make s’mores – without a campfire.

Here’s how to make s’mores correctly and how to keep food cold while camping.

24. It’s kinda like toothpaste

Is it even possible to put it back?

Actually, folding and packing a tent isn’t hard. Here’s our guide to folding a dome and cabin tent.

25. Camping is fun

Sometimes things don’t go as planned. Embrace it.

Epic camping fails

Camping Fail Videos

In this first video by AFV, you’ll enjoy 72 camp fails, including hiking, canoeing, wildlife (deer, squirrels), fire-making, biking, and more.

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And there you have it. Our set of the best camping fails on the web.

Camping fails cooking

Funny camping fails

Your Turn

Which is your favorite? Have one of your own? Share it in the comments!

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