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10 Best Hiking Underwear for Men and Women (Chafe-Free Comfort)

Underwear. Everyone wears them – nothing embarrassing here. In this guide, you’ll learn about the best underwear for hiking, including the top 5 features (buyers guide) and the best hiking underwear for men and women. Best Hiking Underwear for Comfort Are you tired of the coming back from a hiking trip chaffed? Are you ready […] Read more

12 Best Camping Hammocks for Beginners (Budget to Premium)

Camping in a tent is fine. But hammock camping is faster and easier. In this post, I share the 12 best camping hammocks for beginners. These are easy to setup, solidly made, and a reasonable price. The three best picks are highlighted right at the top of the post. Campers rejoice! Ultimate Guide to Hammock […] Read more

How to Use a Compass Without a Map (and Still Get Home for Dinner)

So while getting lost probably isn’t in your trip plans, things can happen. In this post, you’ll learn how to use a compass without a map. Your GPS might konk out – or maybe you’re a purist and want to explore without electronics. Whatever your situation, this post will help. How to Use a Compass […] Read more

14 Best Shoes for Hiking in Water (Trail Guide to Dry, Healthy Feet)

Hiking in wet conditions takes a toll on your feet. Choosing the best shoes for hiking in water can make the difference of a successful hike or one that you might suffer through every step. Each of the water hiking shoes in this post will keep your feet healthy. We include both waterproof and amphibious […] Read more

17 Best Survival Gadgets and Tools for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Planning an outdoor adventure? It’s always a good idea to bring along some basic survival gear. You never know when you might have an unexpected stay in the woods. Here are the best survival gadgets and tools that you should consider. Survival Gadgets and Tools for Your Next Adventure Your escape into nature is even […] Read more

97+ Cool Camping Gadgets and Gear (That’ll Make Your Next Trip Amazing)

So you’re going camping? Okay – but are you prepared? In this post, you’ll find 97+ cool camping gadgets and gear that will make your next trip amazing! 97+ Cool Camping Gadgets That’ll Make Your Next Trip Amazing We all want the newest, coolest camping gear, but staying on top of the trends is hard to […] Read more