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35 Cool Bike Accessories for Mountain Bikers (Hydrate, Navigate, Be Safe)

Love trail riding? In this post, you’ll discover 35 cool bike accessories for mountain bikers. They range from navigation and comfort to health, safety, and storage.

These mountain bike accessories will make your rides more comfortable, safe, and engaging. They include fitness, hydration, survival, lights, and more.

cool bike accessories

35 Cool Bike Accessories for Mountain Bikers

Speeding along the forest trails, your heart pumping, and the cool wind in your face. There’s nothing quite like it.

Mountain biking is an adventurous and eco-friendly way to keep fit while enjoying the great outdoors. There are some outstanding bike accessories to make your trail adventures easier, safer, and more interesting.

This set of accessories and gear is designed for every setting: from a day’s ride to a week-long camping trip.

In this post, you’ll learn about 35 cool bike accessories, divided into the following sections. (The number of products is in brackets.)

  1. Water and Hydration (4)
  2. Communication and Navigation (3)
  3. Survival Gadgets (3)
  4. Bags and Storage (5)
  5. Tools and Kits (2)
  6. Lights and Safety (3)
  7. Clothing (6)
  8. Accessories (7)
  9. Camera gear (2)

Let’s get started!

Mountain bike accessories

Hydration Mountain Bike Accessories

Sawyers Mini Water Filtration System

This mini water filtration system is capable of removing 99.99999% of all bacteria and protozoa from water. And will fit onto most bottles or water containers.

Check the current price on Amazon or Sawyer

Extremely adaptable to any situation, it also allows you to drink straight from the source – river, stream, or even a puddle (let’s hope things don’t ever get that bad) so you are never out of water again.

Electrolyte Replacement Tablets

SaltStick Fastchews: Chewable electrolyte replacement tablets are perfect for those hard trails when you really work up a sweat or on full-day rides to help prevent those nasty cramps.

Check the current price on Amazon.

They also help reduce heat stress and boost your stamina by replacing the electrolyte levels in roughly the same levels contained in your sweat.

Just chew and wash down a nice tart orange or zesty lemon lime-flavored tablet. They are low in calories and made under the USA current good management practice.

2.5L Hydration Backpack

Unigear 2.5L Tactical Hydration Pack is an extremely durable, high-wear resistant pack that’s construction means you don’t have to worry about tears and abrasions as much as you may have on past rides.

Check the current price on Amazon or Unigear.

A 360-degree swivel spout bite valve delivers a good smooth water flow making it easy to drink while riding and those ‘gritty’ gulps of water are a thing of the past because the mouthpiece thankfully has a solid dust cover guaranteeing clean water for even the hard-core riders.

Comes with extra padding for support on those longer rides and an emergency whistle on the strap. Now you can use the pockets and pouches to store your other gear.

Lightweight Hydration Pack

U’be Hydration backpack is an ultra-lightweight, 2L hydration pack. It’s great for shorter rides when you just need something light with a pocket to store your keys.

Check the current price on Amazon.

Suitable for kids – it’s a good lightweight option for them when enjoying family days out.

Cool mountain bike gadgets

Communication and Navigation

Phone Protector

OtterBox Phone cover and protector are so durable it stands up to almost anything you can throw at it. From my experience, it is one of the most durable protective cases on the market.

I prefer the Defender series – I’ve used these on my phones for the past 8 years – and haven’t had a critical failure yet.

Check the current price on Amazon or Otter Box.

It’s able to withstand anything the average rider could possibly encounter on the trails. Sleek, rugged, and stylish it’s everything you could want in one virtually unbreakable package.

Garmin Cycling GPS

Garmin Edge 25 Cycling GPS is more than just a mere GPS. Yeah sure it tracks the route you’ve taken, but it also shows time, speed, distance, and even the calories you’ve burnt during your ride.

Check the current price on Amazon or Garmin.

Not only that, you can share your rides in real-time with live tracking.

Because it’s technologically advanced tree cover problems are a thing of the past as it acquires satellites extremely quickly to log how far, how fast and where your ride takes you.

Waterproof Map Case

SealLine Map Case stands up to the heaviest abuse with no problems. Built from 12oz vinyl it’s tight seals make sure it’s 100% waterproof.

Check current price on Amazon.

It can even be left underwater overnight or plow through snowstorms with no leaks while maintaining good visibility.

Easily attached to your handlebars with sturdy D-rings on each corner, you’ll always find your way home as there’s no chance you can lose your map, making you the perfect navigator for every biking adventure.

Mountain bike gadgets

Survival Gadgets

Paracord Survival Bracelet

Paracord Survival Bracelet with compass, knife, whistle, fire starting kit and 12 feet of paracord strong enough to hold 500lbs (227kgs) this is one gadget every rider should have.

Check current price on Amazon.

Stylish in a variety of colors, it will end those debates of “are you sure we’re going the right way?” when you point at your compass and reply ‘yup’!

Multitool and Self Defense Pen

Tactical Pen Self Defence Tool is a tactical LED flashlight and multi-tool including glass break tip, hex wrench, scraper, screwdriver, and bottle opener all rolled into one.

Check current price on Amazon.

And, of course, it even comes with a pen tip so you can actually write with this pen.

Lightweight and compact enough to tuck into your pocket it’s virtually indestructible and a great piece of gear to include in your kit.

Hidden GPS Bike Tracker

GPS-305 bike tracker – Hidden inside the handlebars of your bike you’ll never have to worry about losing your bike, and the best part is – they won’t even know it’s there.

Check current price on Detective Store.

Anti-theft, security and location device accurate to 5m means you can track down your bike anywhere. It also acts as a great personal emergency location device if heaven forbid something should ever go wrong on a ride emergency crews will be able to find you quickly.

Best mountain bike accessories

Bags and Storage – on you, on frame, under seat.

35L Ultralight Daypack

Safe and Perfect Ultralight 35L daypack backpack is a great choice if you want to take a lightweight pack with you that can fit a lot of stuff.

Like if you were going to explore new trails and perhaps stop for a swim, it would fit your towel, snacks and your first aid kit (always recommended to have on you).

Check current price on Amazon.

It’s water resistant with mesh shoulder straps for breathability and all stress points are reinforced and enhanced with bar tracks. A safety whistle is built in and there’s enough pockets and pouches to hold anything you might want to take along.

Front Mount Bag with Phone Holder

This frame front tube beam bag is a dual bag with clear cell phone pouch on top which is attached just under your handlebars for high visibility when you are reading your route maps or texts.

Check current price on Amazon.

Universally fitted to any bike frame it’s durable and compact withstanding the roughest of trails and weather conditions with the added benefit of reflective tape on each side as an added safety feature. Big enough to fit all your gear on one side and the first aid kit on the other.

Triangle Frame Storage Bag

Aduro Triangle Storage bag’s strong adjustable straps ensures it’s a universal fit on any bike frame. Slim and sleek in design it’s tucked up out of the way while remaining easily accessible.

Check current price on Amazon.

Strong zippers and big capacity means it can fit everything you need when you hit the trails and is secure enough to hold everything in place no matter how rough the ride gets. Perfect when you just need a bag to stow a few of your essentials like phone, map and keys.

Rear Frame Carrier

Ibera Touring carrier with fender board is frame mounted for heavier top and side loads.

Check current price on Amazon.

Perfect for longer outdoor adventures like camping where you may be riding up into the mountains to your campground and need to hold those larger items.

Lightweight and adjustable it fits most frames and has opened up many places to bike riders so they can enjoy longer trips in nature. It’s also easy to assemble and disassemble so you have complete freedom once you arrive by easily removing it to go exploring the trails.

Under Seat Saddle Bag

BV USA Strap on bike saddle bag fits perfectly out of the way under your seat allowing you to make the most of that space without compromising on safety as it also has a tail light hanger strap to secure your rear lights.

Check current price on Amazon.

Available in small, medium or large, it’s a handy little bag that’s able to hold all your essentials when you head out for the day.

Tools and Tool Kits

Multifunction Tool Kit

16 in 1 Multi-function bike mechanic kit is something every rider needs tucked away in case they come across a problem while out on the trail.

Check current price on Amazon.

Featuring 6 different Allen key sizes, 3 different socket hex wrench sizes, slotted and Phillips screwdrivers, 6 hex key wrench sizes, spoke wrench and other tools it’s a great little buddy to have along and capable of fixing just about anything. Good quality and durable it also includes pry tire rods to get you out of trouble anywhere.

2 in 1 Mini Hand Pump / C02 Inflator

Freedom Bike has come up with a lightweight 2 in 1 wonder. Compact and lightweight, it’s designed with a Mini Hand Pump on one end and a lightning-quick CO2 Inflator on the other.

Check current price on Amazon.

Strong machined aluminum and high-quality durable rubber combined with its own frame mount mean you can attach it directly to your bike’s frame or stow it in a saddlebag.

It’s compact enough to even fit in your jersey and weighing only 4 oz it’s so light you wouldn’t even know it’s there!

Lights and Safety Gear

Waterproof Headlight

Headlight by Bright Eyes have the perfect headlight for every adventurer and hard core mountain bike rider.

Check current price on Amazon.

Fully waterproof for all conditions, its 1600-lumen LED lights can last over 10hrs on medium making it the longest-running light out there.

The 6400mAh battery is also completely waterproof (with a one year guarantee) so no worries with water crossings or getting caught in a downpour and it also comes with a free diffuser lens, strobe and tail light.

Removable Bike Light

Blitzu Gator Bike Light: This USB rechargeable light has 4 settings: high, medium, low and flashing. Light has 320 lumen power and easily charges via any device with USB port.

Check current price on Amazon.

Light charges to full capacity in 2 hours via USB cable. The handlebar mount allows removal of the light without unclamping the mount. This kit also comes with a red tail light for your bike – great for night riding in town – or even on night trail rides.

Surviveware Small First Aid Kit

This kit is designed for all outdoor activities and perfect for mountain bike riders who let’s face it – tend to be a little adventurous and just might need the 100-essential life-saving pieces of kit.

Check current price on Amazon.

Easily attached directly onto the frame with adjustable straps it’s made to last being the strongest water resistant bag in its price range.

All inner contents are safe in waterproof bags so you don’t have to worry about moisture getting in and ruining anything. Extremely hardy, this is something every riding group or solo rider should have.

Mountain bike accessories safety


Animal Faced Balaclavas

JIUSY has the perfect way to keep you warm when out on the trails. Enjoy those early morning starts with hilarious animal-faced balaclavas and have fun being the king of the jungle as a lion or gorilla – or perhaps a cute kitty or puppy.

Check current price on Amazon.

With over 20 animals to choose from, let your inner animal free and enjoy a laugh with your mates when they turn around to see a bear’s face behind them!

Polarized Sunglasses (Changeable Lenses)

DUCO sleek and stylish polarized sport sunglasses come with a lifetime guarantee as their lightweight frames and lenses are unbreakable.

Check current price on Amazon.

Including 5 types of shatterproof interchangeable lenses, all have a UV400 protective coating and block 100% of harmful UVA, UVB and UVC rays to protect you when out in the harsh sun.

Amazing value for money, extra lens’ can be carried in your saddlebag to swap out as needed depending on the light conditions. Top-rated and exceptional value for money.

Mens Cycling Jersey

Spotti Short sleeve cycling jersey is made of an advanced breathable fabric with moisture wicking which helps keep you cool with maximum ventilation.

Check current price on Amazon.

Available in a variety of colors to suit everyone the reflective print logo front and back help maintain high visibility and provide extra safety. Extremely durable and lightweight these jerseys can make your days ride a whole lot more comfortable.

Winter Bike Gloves

Arltb winter bike gloves are specially designed for riders of all kinds, from cyclist to mountain bike riders to motorcyclists.

Check current price on Amazon.

Just as the palm pads add comfort and reduce friction, the fingers breathable lightweight material stop your hands from overheating.

The terry cloth design also helps you get rid of sweat so you don’t need to weigh yourself down taking additional towels.

Waterproof Poncho

While this isn’t the most stylish thing you’ll own, this poncho is perfect for riders. Lightweight and compact, it folds down to a small size so it’s easily stowed in your saddlebag.

Check current price on Amazon.

More of a rain jacket, its durable 100% rip-stop waterproof material is perfectly designed to cover not only you but your backpack as well so you keep everything dry.

Cutting down on wind chill, its elastic arm sleeves stop rain from working its way up inside your sleeves while riding, and the large pocket in front is the perfect place to keep your phone and keys for easy access.

Moisture Wicking Socks

Lightweight wicking socks (by DeFeet) are durable while keeping your feet dryer on hot sweaty rides. A mesh top also helps cool your feet on your ride.

Check current price on Amazon.

These lightweight socks will wick moisture away from your skin – keeping you dry and cool. Here’s more about how to have healthy and dry feet.

Mountain Bike Accessories

U-Lock with LED Light

Via Velo bike lock is the crème de la crème of bike locks. You receive not one but three keys, one even has its own LED light so you can see what you are doing in low light situations or after dark. Check current price on Amazon.

Another holds a replacement code card for easy replacement if lost.

Strong durable anti-theft cable is hard to cut and the hefty tamper proof U-shackle makes locking your bike up a quick and easy affair.

The durable PVC cable cover resists corrosion of the cable by water, dirt or dust so every time you walk away from your bike you know it’s safe from natures elements and thieves for years to come.

Temporary Bike Cover (Great for Backyards)

MayBron Bike Cover provides outstanding outdoor cover for your bike keeping it clear of the elements under the durable waterproof oxford fabric.

Check current price on Amazon.

Elastic hems and velcro straps along with front and back lock down points enable you to safely protect it. You can lock it down to prevent damage from weather or prolonged periods of sitting alone in the garage, like in winter when it’s all snowy outside and it’s too cold to go out and play.

Made for one or two bikes, this is a compact and lightweight cover easily toted in its own travel pouch.

Waterproof Speedometer & Odometer

SY Speedometer & Odometer is completely waterproof with day mode and night mode screens so you can always see what you need to.

Check current price on Amazon.

Featuring average speed, trip distance, odometer, time of riding, maximum speed, clock and much more, it is a smart bit of kit even waking itself up when it feels vibrations from your bike so it knows when break times over and you’re on the move again.

Bike Travel Bag

EVOC Bike Travel Transport Bag available in a range of colors is a snazzy transport case for your bike if you need to travel to your next biking adventure destination.

Check current price on Amazon.

Help to cut down on those travel horror stories of broken wheels or frames by packing you bike in this soft case, it’s more flexible for loading and unloading onto aircraft or buses.

The frame is locked down safely and securely strapped into to place while the wheels are safe n sound in their own pouches unable to roll around and the whole thing is on wheels so it’s easier for you to manoeuvre through airport crowds to check in. Excellent for big trips.

Keyper Tab

Maxpedition Gear keyper is a must have for every biker. Never lose your keys again, or have to fumble around in a saddlebag trying to find them after a long ride.

Check current price on Amazon.

Military grade webbing with reinforced stress points, once your belt goes through that loop it’s attached and virtually impossible to come undone.

Much safer than a pocket or zipper, you can enjoy your ride knowing your keys will still be with you when you return home. So sturdy you can attach anything you like – maps, water bottle or small first aid or tool kits.

Bike Mirror for Mountain Bikes

Mirrycle MTB Bar End Mountain Bike Mirror fits seamlessly onto the end of your handlebars by slipping inside your handlebar and is easily fitted in minutes with the included installation wrench that helps you to fit it perfectly.

Check current price on Amazon.

Fully adjustable, the 3’ round, wide-view convex mirror can be adjusted to any angle just like a car so it’s easy to watch your friends behind you eat your dust as you fly along the trail or see how fast you need to peddle to outrun that bear that’s chasing you!

Gel Seat Cover (Why Shouldn’t You Be Comfortable?)

Zacro to the rescue with their Gel Bike Seat Cover cushioning your saddle making a long ride more comfortable, especially for the newbies who are still getting used to a bike seat!

Check current price on Amazon.

Your derrière will thank you after the first ride on this easy to assemble gel seat cover taking the pain out of an otherwise fun day.

Not only for serious cyclists this little gel cushion can be the difference between continuing with the sport or giving up for those new to riding. Fully transferable, you can swap it from bike to bike and even use it at the gym or in a spin class.

Cool mountain bike accessories

Record that Epic Ride – Camera Gear

GoPro Chest Mount

CamKix Chest mount harness for GoPro cameras is one of the best action and sports camera mounts around. Enabling you to shoot hands free you can adjust the angle and then go for gold with it recording your epic rides through majestic forests uphill and over dale as they say.

Check current price on Amazon.

It doesn’t matter what size or shape you are, all straps are fully adjustable so they fit every rider.

Shooting straight out at chest level or tilted down so you’re focusing on the action of your wheels bouncing over the rough terrain showing it’s not for the faint of heart, with this harness you can truly capture the awesome action of mountain biking. Compatible with every GoPro model from Hero through to 8.

GoPro chest mount

Check this complete guide to filming your ride with a GoPro.

Sling Camera Backpack

Altura Photo Camera sling backpack is perfect for the photographers out there that love getting that amazing action shot or priceless panorama.

Check current price on Amazon.

You know the shots they show of a guy on a mountain bike standing on top of a pinnacle and you think ‘how’d he get up there?’ well the cameraman who took that shot had one of these backpacks for sure, or something nearly identical to carry their camera and gear.

Its padded dividers mean you stow your gear snugly and safely so it doesn’t bump around and it’s easily set up to cradle your gear just the way you like it.

There’s also an easy access big side door which is perfect for those really big long lenses you may need to grab in a hurry. Other pockets hold accessories like flashes and there’s also a tripod holder. The sling back enables you to swivel it around quickly and grab your camera whenever you need it to grab that perfect shot.

Take pictures or video of every outdoor adventure. Share those special moments of you all gathered around by setting your camera on the tripod and setting the timer so you have that perfect group shot of you all covered in mud smiling from ear to ear.

Or, just snap a quick shot of mountains filled with autumn color from a ridgetop where you stop for a quick rest. With this accessory kit you don’t ever have to miss a shot again or think ‘I wish I’d bought the camera’.

Best mountain bike gadgets

Your Turn

What piece of gear is on your wish list? What is your favorite mountain bike accessory? Join me in the comments!

Cool bike accessories gear