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41 Best GoPro Accessories: Vlogging Gear for Hikers and Explorers

Planning on shooting some GoPro footage on your next adventure? In this post, you’ll learn about the best GoPro accessories for outdoor adventurers, vloggers, and hikers.

They include underwater, POV mounts, vlogging gear, selfie sticks, remotes, gimbals, and more.

GoPro Accessories

41 Best GoPro Accessories

Though you might watch videos on YouTube and dream of making your own adventure videos via a GoPro, you should know that the camera is only as good as the accessories that you use with it.

What would you do if your battery ran out in the middle of a shoot? You might miss out on dozens of scenes and shots that could help you pick up hundreds of new viewers.

To help you become an expert and get all those amazing shots, I’ve put together a list of the best GoPro accessories that you can invest in before your next trip.

GoPro Underwater Accessories

1. Vicdozia Telesin Dome Port

  • Brand: Vicdozia
  • Application: Water sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Serves as a protective case and housing for underwater shooting; protects the camera and working parts from water; non slip grip keeps your hand in place
  • Cons: Can feel a little clumsy (but worth it for the half underwater shots.

The dome port allows you to capture those super captivating half underwater (and half above water) photos.

Whether scuba diving or snorkeling, you’ll like having this floating hand grip by your side. When you drop your camera, it floats on the water and keeps your camera nearby.

It also forms a protective housing around your camera that lets you capture amazing videos without worrying about freshwater or saltwater damaging your camera. This grip works on most GoPro cameras.

Half underwater GoPro accessory

2. GoPro Super Suit

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Application: Water sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Suitable for use on and in the water; gives you full access to the camera inside; waterproof at depths of up to 196 feet or 60 meters
  • Cons: n/a

While the latest model cameras are waterproof without extra housing, you might want to take it deeper than 10m (33ft). This housing increases your depth limit to 60 meters.

Two doors on the back are compatible with the floats that GoPro makes. This housing protects your camera from the water and gives you full access to all the buttons on it.

3. SOONSUN 3 Pack Dive Filter

  • Brand: SOONSUN
  • Application: Water sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Includes three filters that you can use together or separately; snaps onto the Super Suit (mentioned above) with easy on and off design; tethers to the side of the housing
  • Cons: Only works if you have the right suit/housing

When you take photos and videos in the water, you’ll find that the images come out with a slight green tinge due to the water itself. SOONSUN makes this set of three filters for those who want to shoot videos during underwater adventures.

You get both a red and a purple filter as well as a magenta filter that is perfect for snorkeling trips. The filters only work with housings made from SOONSUN or GoPro.

4. Suptig Waterproof LED Light

  • Brand: Suptig
  • Application: Water sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Adds some light to videos shot in dark areas; safe for use at depths of up to 45 meters; lightweight cord prevents tangles; three light modes
  • Cons: Must mount onto your camera; can add weight to your GoPro

For diving and snorkeling adventures at night, you can use this waterproof LED light to make sure that you get the clear videos that capture exactly what you see and experience.

This light is waterproof at depths of up to 147 feet and comes with three modes that let you pick the perfect amount of light for shooting in any situation.

5. CAMKIX Anti-Fog Inserts

  • Brand: CAMKIX
  • Application: Water sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Stops fog from developing on your camera lens; easy to use
  • Cons: Can be clumsy to use and are likely single use. While they can be dried in an oven and reused – I’ve yet to do that.

Any time that you head into a humid climate or the water, you can use these anti-fog inserts to keep fog from developing on your camera lens.

Each pack comes with 20 inserts that are compatible with different GoPro models and cameras from other manufacturers. These inserts are both removable and reusable. Once you take them out of your cameras, you can bake them for five minutes at 300 degrees Fahrenheit before using them again.

6. FLOATEX Floaty Case

  • Brand: FLOATEX
  • Application: Water sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Stops your camera from floating away via a tether; protects your GoPro from water damage; gives you a clear view of the camera’s LCD display
  • Cons: n/a

When snorkeling and scuba diving, you can use the Floaty Case to keep your GoPro right by your side. This case floats on the surface of the water and ensures that your camera will rise to the surface if you let it go.

Made from premium materials, this case has a bright orange color that you can easily see in the water and is easy to put on your GoPro.

7. GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Application: Water sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Lets you hold the camera in your mouth for amazing POV shots; uses a bright color in the case that you can easily see; quickly mounts to the camera; reduces vibrations
  • Cons: Does not work on all cameras; may feel uncomfortable in your mouth. (Yeah, it’ll feel uncomfortable.)

Surfers and others who love the water will like this GoPro case, which features a bite mount. This allows you to insert the case into your mouth, bite down and keep it secured as you play.

This case also doubles as a flotation device for your camera which will keep your camera from floating away as the waves crash over you.

8. TELESIN Floating Strap 2 Pack

  • Brand: TELESIN
  • Application: Water sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Easy to use; straps the camera to your wrist; bright colors are easy to see in the water; comes with two straps that float on the water
  • Cons: You’ll have to have the camera in your hand – this won’t work when its on an extension pole.

This is one of the easiest to use flotation devices, it comes with two straps. Each strap floats on the water and uses a bright shade of either yellow or orange.

A small tether on the end attaches to your camera or your housing and allows you to take a GoPro with you as you play in and on the water.

Half underwater GoPro photography

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Essential GoPro Accessories

9. Wasabi Power Battery and Dual Charger

  • Brand: Wasabi Power
  • Application: General use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Compatible with HERO models; recharges quickly; comes with two batteries and a charger that can charge both at the same time. Wasabi is my favorite brand.
  • Cons: None. Extra batteries are always good.

Compatible with the latest Hero5 to Hero7 models, this charging set makes it easy to get the battery power you need while on the go.

The set includes two batteries and a charger that can charge both batteries at the same time. You simply plug the cord into the charging port and an outlet and then slip the batteries into the compartments on the charger.

It lets you know when both reach a full charge. This set comes with lithium-ion batteries that last longer than other types of batteries do. You will still have a charge even hours after using one.

10. SanDisk 128GB Memory Card Bundle

  • Brand: SanDisk
  • Application: General use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Includes both a memory card and a card reader; saves both still images and moving videos; has fast reading and writing speeds; compatible with most devices
  • Cons: n/a

SanDisk has a strong reputation for the memory cards that it makes, including this 128GB memory card that can store hours of videos shot with your GoPro. This card comes complete with a card reader that makes it easier to check your footage on any laptop.

Some of the top features of this bundle include its fast reading and writing speeds, which can save you time while you’re shooting in the field and editing your videos at home.

The card itself is safe to use at all temperatures and is both shock-proof and safe to carry through an x-ray machine. This memory card is compatible with all types of action cameras.

11. GoPro Sleeve and Lanyard

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Application: General use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Comes with a durable lanyard and a silicone sleeve; lightweight and flexible; easy to use; gives you access to all buttons and features on your camera
  • Cons: Only comes in one color.

The lanyard that comes in this bundle is a good way to protect your GoPro and keep it nearby without using a mount. Made from durable nylon, it is safe to use in the water and in all climates. That lanyard wraps around your neck and attaches right to the silicone sleeve that fits over the camera.

This sleeve does a good job of absorbing shocks when you drop your camera to keep the screen and other parts from breaking. The lanyard itself adjusts to help you get the proper fit that works for your body and the shots that you take.

12. The Handler Floating Hand Grip

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Application: Water sport use and general use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Creates a floating base for your camera; floats evenly in the water; compatible with different types of mounts; includes a wrist band for your hand
  • Cons: The camera can slip off the float when not properly secured.

Whether you’re a fan of kayaking, canoeing, swimming or any other water sports, you’ll want a floating accessory to use with your GoPro such as this one, which comes from GoPro itself. The Handler is a floating hand grip that gives you a new way to use your camera.

It works with different types of mounts and lets your camera float on the surface of the water to capture shots of you in action.

With a wrist band on the base, this floating grip lets you carry your camera on your body as you play in the water. It even has a non-slip handle to help you keep a grip on the float.

13. Kupton Screen Protector

  • Brand: Kupton
  • Application: Extreme and general use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Uses tempered glass; protects your camera screen from cracking and other damage; reduces the reflections in the camera; won’t interfere with your video clarity
  • Cons: Not compatible with all GoPro models

All it takes is one slip for your camera to fall out of your hands and hit the ground with a loud crunching sound. If you want to avoid scratching your lens and causing other damage to the screen, you need a good screen protector like this Kupton model.

Compatible with the silver and white GoPro HERO 7 only, it is thin and won’t add weight to your camera.

Though it offers all the protection that you need, it will not interfere with any of your shots. This protector can even reduce the glare that you usually notice on your screen.

14. THULE Legend Backpack

  • Brand: THULE
  • Application: Hiking and general use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Provides storage for batteries and other accessories; can hold up to three GoPro cameras; padding on the inside adds to its crushproof design; space for a hydration pack
  • Cons: Kinda expensive.

No matter where you want to take your GoPro, you can feel prepared with this backpack. THULE designed the Legend to include plenty of storage and to give you room for up to three cameras as well as all the accessories you want to use on your adventure.

The padded compartments inside are crushproof and will keep your accessories safe during slips and falls.

With a dedicated hydration reservoir inside, you’ll even have space for the hydration pack that you need to carry on long hikes. This pack also has integrated mounts that let you capture the action behind and in front of your body.

GoPro backpack Thule

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15. GoPro The Tool

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Application: General use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Lightweight; easy to carry; fits into any bag or pocket; works in colder temperatures and the snow/ice; fits on a key ring; allows for quick adjustments
  • Cons: n/a

The only tool that you might need when working with a GoPro camera is The Tool, which comes directly from GoPro. This handy tool performs two different functions.

Why use The Tool? You’ll want to use this when it is absolutely critical that your camera is secure. It will tighten your screw better than you can by hand.

Not only does it let you quickly adjust screws when securing your camera, but it also functions as a bottle opener and will work with most bottles. Made from quality materials, it helps you make adjustments in the freezing cold as well as in warm climates.

It is large enough that you can use it to turn screws when your hands are cold and numb. The Tool also attaches to your key-ring to keep it close by.

GoPro Selfie Sticks

16. GoPro 3-Way Grip

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Application: Hiking; extreme sports; general use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Works as an extension arm and a tripod; functions like a grip for your camera; folds down into a compact shape; fully waterproof for use in bodies of water and the rain
  • Cons: May not fold down as quickly or as easily as you would like; can seem a little flimsy

Selfie sticks let you capture images of yourself and your friends in a range of situations. One of the best options for hikers and adventure sports lovers is the 3-Way Grip from GoPro, which functions in three different ways.

You can use this as an ordinary tripod, as a grip for your camera or as a selfie/extension stick. It extends out to an impressive 20 inches and folds down to a length of fewer than eight inches for easy storage in any backpack.

This tool comes with a thumb screw that lets you quickly set up the grip in any way while outside.

GoPro selfie stick

Here are some of our favorite GoPro selfie sticks for hikers and vloggers.

17. Vicdozia Waterproof Selfie Stick

  • Brand: Vicdozia
  • Application: General use; hiking; adventure sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Lightweight and compact for easy storage; works with cameras from GoPro and other manufacturers; extends to a full 19 inches; waterproof for use in all types of situations
  • Cons: Isn’t as long as other selfie sticks when fully extended; can make some shots appear shaky

The Vicdozia model with its adjustable arm is a good selfie stick for those taking photos at family reunions and in gorgeous landscapes. With a simple turn of the extension arm, you can adjust the length of the stick to get the photos you want.

This model has a rust-proof screw on the end that holds your camera in place, and it’s compatible with cameras from manufacturers other than GoPro.

As the stick and all its parts are waterproof, you can use it in all types of conditions, including the pouring rain and when swimming. It folds down to less than eight inches for convenient storage.

GoPro Vlogging Accessories

18. GoPro Karma Grip

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Application: General use; hiking; water sports; extreme sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Reduces the shaking and vibrations that you would otherwise see in videos; compatible with different body mounting devices; comes with a grip and harness
  • Cons: Only compatible with Hero5 through Hero7 cameras

Thanks to the built-in camera controls, this GoPro grip can recharge your battery up to 70% faster than the speeds you would normally get. Whether rock climbing up a sheer face or kayaking through the rapids, you can use this grip to get the even videos that you want to capture.

Not only does it stabilize your camera, but it lets you change the angle of your shots in seconds.

You can use the included harness to mount the grip onto your body, but it also works when held in your hand. This grip is compatible with the Hero5, Hero6, and Hero7.

19. 3-Axis Inertia Gyro Stabilizer

  • Brand: Fantaseal
  • Application: General use and adventure sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Stabilizes the camera for better videos with less shaking; fits into most pockets and compartments; compatible with most GoPro cameras; has space for a remote control
  • Cons: Some users have commented that instructions are hard to follow

When filming at your campsite or on your thru hike you may find that the videos you take come out so shaky that you have a hard time seeing what you did. With this gyro stabilizer, you can now get the clean and even videos that you want in any situation.

This handy tool mounts to your camera and stabilizes it to ensure that your videos come out the way you want, smooth. It works in three different ways and allows you to mount your camera in the position that you want. This stabilizer even has a built-in spot for your remote control.

20. Rode VideoMic with Fuzzy Windjammer Kit

  • Brand: Rode
  • Application: General use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Blocks the wind away from your microphone; captures clear audio during a video shoot; provides professional level audio quality in the windy conditions
  • Cons: Very expensive; not very important for beginners

All it takes is one sudden gust of wind for the audio on your video to sound distorted. Other weather conditions, as well as the people and animals around you, can drown out the audio and make it difficult for you to hear.

With this microphone, you can capture clear audio as you shoot your videos. It has a built-in filter that removes sounds caused by traffic and other sounds that you don’t want to hear. Also included is a mounting system and a wind buster that drowns out sounds associated with the wind.

21. GoPro Pro 3.5mm Mic Adapter

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Application: General use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Helps you capture better quality audio; works with mixers and other external audio equipment; perfect for editing your videos after your trip
  • Cons: Is not for beginners; quite expensive

If you want to hook up your GoPro to a microphone and capture all the fun that you have on a solo trip or the excitement of a shared journey, you’ll want a mic adapter like this one from GoPro.

Though beginners may not have much use for it, those who share their videos online through YouTube and other sites will like that it works with external audio equipment, including mixers and receivers.

You can connect this microphone and use it with any mic that has a 3.5mm adapter. It helps you get the type of professional quality audio that you thought was impossible.

GoPro Mounts

22. Suptig Tripod Mount Adapter

  • Brand: Suptig
  • Application: General use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Easily mount your GoPro to any standard tripod or suction mount with these simple adapters; made from durable stainless steel
  • Cons: Not as stable as a GoPro specific mount, but the adapter works well.

Designed for those who want to mount a GoPro in different ways, this adapter set makes it easy to mount and use your camera.

Compatible with all GoPro Hero cameras, it lets you set that camera up on a tripod or use it with a selfie stick. With a few adjustments, this adapter will let you mount the camera any way you want.

23. AxPower Adhesive Helmet Pads

  • Brand: AxPower
  • Application: Adventure sports; hiking; general use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Easy to use; waterproof; peels off easily without leaving residue behind; keeps a camera mounted to your helmet, car, board…
  • Cons: Not strong enough for use during all types of activities. Still a good idea to use a tether.

GoPro accessories include products such as helmet mounts, which let you get amazing POV shots as you move. Whether hiking, biking or engaging in any type of adventure sport, these adhesive pads will keep your GoPro from slipping off your helmet.

The pads use 3M technology for lasting power and stick to any type of helmet. These pads also come away just as easily and won’t leave behind any sticky residue.

24. GoPro Suction Cup Mount

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Application: Hiking; extreme sports; general use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Sticks to the top of your helmet; safe for use at speeds of up to 150 miles per hour or more; withstands all types of activities and movements; quick release base lets you remove your camera in a second
  • Cons: Isn’t as versatile as other GoPro accessories; requires a tether at high speeds.

When driving down a curvy mountain road or checking out the action at the track, this mount lets you capture all the action without missing a beat.

It features a suction cup base that attaches to the top of your helmet and a quick release plate for conveniently removing the camera to capture the action at other angles. This is one of the top mounts for adventure and extreme sports enthusiasts.

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POV GoPro Mounts

25. AmazonBasics Head Strap Camera Mount

  • Brand: AmazonBasics
  • Application: General use; extreme sports; hiking
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Compatible with all GoPro models; one size fits all; easy to use; fits over your head or helmet; adjustable nylon straps; non slip inserts keep the strap from slipping and sliding
  • Cons: Feels uncomfortable when worn directly on your head.

With this head strap, you can hop on your bike or jump in your kayak and capture all the excitement of your day.

It has a mounting plate on the front that is compatible with all GoPro models and non slip inserts on the top that keep the camera from moving as you move. The one size fits all design allows you to wear the strap on top of your head or over a helmet or hat.

26. Polar Pro Strap Mount

  • Brand: Polar Pro Filters
  • Application: Extreme sports; hiking; general use; water sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Quick release plate gives users quick access to their cameras; comes with a strap mount for attaching to a helmet or bag; made from bombproof nylon
  • Cons: n/a

Suitable for all the adventures that life has in store for you, this mount makes it easy to carry your camera on scuba gear or a backpack.

Made from bombproof nylon, the mount can withstand any type of pressure and still work when exposed to extremely high or low temperatures. You’ll also like the quick release plate, which lets you adjust or remove your camera in seconds.

27. EXSHOW Bike Camera Mount

  • Brand: EXSHOW
  • Application: Extreme sports; biking
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Works with a wide range of cameras from GoPro and other manufacturers; mounts onto any type of round pipe; fits onto handlebars; durable; easy to use
  • Cons: n/a

You can now shoot videos and live stream the action you experience from the seat of your bike with this mount, which you can use on your handlebars or any round pipe on your bike.

The adjustable joints allow you to capture the action in a 360-degree view to show others everything you see. It also uses materials such as aluminum alloy and silicone that will last for years of outdoor adventures.

28. GoPro Performance Chest Mount

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Application: Extreme sports; hiking; general use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Lightweight; padded to reduce discomfort; quick release buckle lets you get in and out of the strap easily; fits all body styles and both under and over clothing
  • Cons: May require some adjustments to make the mount fit comfortably; films a low POV

This mount is perfect for those who want to shoot videos as they rocket down mountains on skis and snowboards because it fits over any type of clothing.

You can adjust the buckles and straps to get the perfect fit whether you wear it over or under your clothing. The quick release buckle helps you get in and out in seconds and allows you to access your GoPro when wearing thick or heavy gloves.

29. AxPower Motorcycle Helmet Chin Mount

  • Brand: AxPower
  • Application: Adventure and extreme sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Fits most helmets made in North America; mounts the GoPro right on top of your chin; won’t interfere with your field of vision; 180-degree swivel design
  • Cons: Can be hard to adjust when wearing gloves; only available from select retailers

Designed for mounting a GoPro right in front of you, this AxPower mount is compatible with most motorcycle helmets. You can now shoot video as you ride (video that you may want to share with loved ones, or show to an insurer after an accident).

As it mounts on your chin, it keeps your GoPro below your eyes to make sure you can see the road. This mount comes with a J-hook for using it on a kayak or another vehicle.

30. GoPro Jaws Flex Clamp

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Application: Extreme sports; general use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Lets you easily attach your GoPro to a large number of objects and surfaces; adjustable neck lets you choose from different angles; features a quick release plate
  • Cons: Not stable on moving objects – might get some wobble

With this clamp, you don’t need to worry about how you’ll attach your GoPro or about the types of mounting hardware that you need.

It works on all surfaces and with most objects, including motorcycle helmets and canoes. Attached to the clamp is an adjustable neck that lets you change the position of your GoPro to use it at any angle.

31. GoPro Bite Mount + Floaty

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Application: Water sports; general use; extreme sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Lets you carry the camera in your mouth; gives you a specific POV directly in front of you; floats on and in the water; allows for completely hands free shooting
  • Cons: May cause some discomfort when carried in your mouth.

One of few camera mounts that lets you carry and use a GoPro in your mouth. You can safely hold the bite mount in your mouth to run and shoot as you surf, swim, kayak or canoe because you don’t need to use your hands.

This mount comes in a bright orange color which makes it see to see, and it floats.

32. Headrest Mount for GoPro

  • Brand: Tackform Solutions
  • Application: Extreme sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Mounts onto the headrest in any vehicle; joints adjust to help you shoot at different angles; uses durable aluminum; locks in place for stable shots
  • Cons: Can get in your way

Driving schools in major cities let you take real NASCAR vehicles onto the track for a few laps. This mount is the best one for those who want to capture all the excitement of racing around a track.

It uses aluminum that can stand up to the high temperatures inside vehicles. You can use this device to mount a GoPro right to the headrest in your car.

33. Hapurs Shoulder Strap Mount

  • Brand: Hapurs
  • Application: General use; hiking; extreme sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Gives you a new POV; fits most body types; adjusts to fit your body comfortably; connection plate keeps a GoPro firmly attached to your shoulder
  • Cons: May not fit larger body types or over heavy winter clothing

Skiers, snowboarders and cycling enthusiasts like this shoulder strap mount because it gives them a new point of view when shooting.

This model features adjustable straps that let you get the comfortable fit that you want and a connection plate that keeps the GoPro from sliding down your back and shoulder.

34. GoPro Fetch

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Application: General use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Mounts in two different ways; fits dogs of up to 20 pounds; doesn’t cause any discomfort to your pets; optional tether keeps the camera secured to your dog
  • Cons: Doesn’t fit all dog breeds

If you ever wanted to know what your dog does when you’re not home, you can use this camera to see those activities for yourself. Not only does it fit in the same way a standard harness would, but it fits dogs of up to 20 pounds without causing any discomfort.

You can mount a GoPro in two different ways and use the optional tether to make sure it stays in place.

GoPro Tripods

35. JOBY Gorillapod Action Video Tripod

  • Brand: JOBY
  • Application: Hiking; general use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Keeps your camera from shaking and vibrating; comes with two quick release plates that work with all types of action cameras; rubberized rings on the feet keep the tripod stable
  • Cons: None. I love this tripod.

With a lightweight design, this tripod easily fits into the packs that you use for camping and hiking.

The rubberized grips on the bottom of each leg keep the tripod stable and upright as you shoot to help you easily capture landscapes and portraits that include you and your loved ones. Those legs adjust to let you capture scenes higher above or closer to the ground.

36. UBeesize Tripod S

  • Brand: UBeesize
  • Application: General use; hiking
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Legs adjust to shoot from different angles and heights; compatible with most GoPro cameras and cell phones; locks your camera in place; wireless remote lets you capture shots without touching your camera
  • Cons: May be top heavy if without proper weight distribution

Tripod S can safely support the weight of most cell phones and GoPro cameras. It has a locking mechanism on the top that lets you lock your device to the tripod for added stability.

It also has three legs that you can adjust to change the height and angle of your camera when taking photos and videos.

Tripods for GoPro

GoPro Remote 

37. SHOOT Smart Remote Control

  • Brand: SHOOT
  • Application: General use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Shoots at distances of up to 50 meters away from your camera; waterproof at depths of more than one meter; comes with a travel bag and a key ring
  • Cons: Beginners can have problems pairing the remote to their cameras

You no longer need to miss out on group shots because this remote control lets you take those shots as you stand up to 50 meters away from your camera and mount.

Not only can you turn the camera on and off, but you can adjust the mode and switch between video and still shots. The included key ring and travel bag let you carry this remote in different ways to keep it by your GoPro.

Level Up with These GoPro Accessories

38. Gurmoir Aluminum Alloy Housing

  • Brand: Gurmoir
  • Application: General use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Frames and surrounds your camera for extra protection; protects the camera from slips and falls; includes a UV filter that prevents glares and other issues caused by the sun’s rays
  • Cons: Only compatible with the Hero7

This GoPro housing comes with everything you need to install and use it on your camera. While you can follow the included instructions to set it up, you can also use DIY methods to make the case work with your camera. Though only compatible with the Hero7, it offers quite a bit of protection for that camera.

You can use the included hardware to mount the camera case to your backpack or a helmet and use it as you move. This housing also comes with a UV filter that reduces the harsh glare of midday sunlight in your videos and photos.

39. Smatree Waterproof Hard Case

  • Brand: Smatree
  • Application: General use and storage
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Holds up to three cameras and accessories; hard exterior protects the expensive equipment inside, foam padding and compartments inside keep equipment from moving
  • Cons: Can come open if you don’t properly close the top; can feel quite heavy when loaded with accessories

Instead of simply tossing your backpack full of gear into a closet, you can protect all your equipment with this hard case. Not only does it have hard sides that protect your belongings from impacts, but it also has foam padding inside that adds another layer of protection.

That padding works with individual compartments to keep all your equipment safe from crashes and water.

Though it can feel quite heavy when loaded with gear, this case is a great way to store your equipment in between trips and when you want to take all your top accessories with you on vacation.

40. Neewer Camera Lens Filter Kit

  • Brand: Neewer
  • Application: General use
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Comes with six filters and two adapter rings; includes two lens caps for added protection; reduces and increases the amount of natural light to help you get better videos and images
  • Cons: Fragile, as you would expect.

If your photos and videos keep coming out too light or too dark, you should invest in this filter kit designed for GoPro cameras. The included filters will decrease or increase the amount of light to help you get the great shots that you want.

You also get two lens covers that fit on top of the lenses, which lets you use all the natural light in the area when needed. These filters work especially well when taking landscape shots of a large area and when taking portrait shots of your friends.

41. GoPro HERO Mounting Bundle

  • Brand: Yoogeer
  • Application: General use; extreme sports; hiking; water sports
  • Price: See current price.
  • Pros: Compatible with Session and Hero models; lets you mount a GoPro to a DSLR camera; comes with a hot shoe adapter; helps you save space in your bag/pack
  • Cons: May suffer from some camera shake

Why settle for only using your DSLR or GoPro camera? It comes with a hot shoe adapter that makes mounting your GoPro camera onto another camera a snap. You get both a thumb screw for fast mounting and a tripod mount that lets you take more stable videos.

This bundle is perfect for those who want to capture some still images while hiking and camping while also taking videos to share with their loved ones. All the parts that come in this bundle use real metal that will last for years.

Best GoPro accessories

A GoPro is a must-have for outdoor enthusiasts and adventure/extreme sports lovers. You can use these handy cameras to take photos and videos that you can post on a blog or to a YouTube channel.

In addition to your camera, you should seriously consider some of the top GoPro accessories. These accessories let you change the way you carry and use your camera.

Some of the top GoPro accessories that are worth your money include mounting hardware, underwater equipment, remote controls and tripods.

We hope our list of accessories for GoPro will help you get the most out of your camera.

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