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12 Best GoPro Backpacks and Mounts for Hikers and Vloggers

Heading out on an adventure? Here are the best GoPro backpacks and backpack mounts to film your adventure. Perfect for vlogging, this gear makes shooting easier. Plus, 8 factors to consider when choosing.

Best GoPro backpack

Best GoPro Backpacks and Mounts

With your new GoPro, you can now take videos of all your adventures.

You can shoot everything from scuba diving and snorkeling – to hiking and biking experiences.

Unless you want to keep your hands occupied the entire time though, you’ll need either a GoPro backpack or a GoPro backpack mount.

Best GoPro backpack mounts

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8 Factors to Consider When Choosing GoPro Backpacks

Some of the top packs come with one or more built-in mounts, but if you find a bag that you love that doesn’t have a mount, you can buy a GoPro backpack mount separately.

There are a few things you should consider before buying a backpack or a mount.

1. Capacity

Are you the type of person who likes traveling with everything that you think you might need? No matter how far from home you go, you may want to carry a few extra accessories.

This helps you save time and money because you won’t need to track down and buy something that you left behind.

When buying a backpack, you need to consider the capacity of that bag and whether it has all the room that you need.

A good backpack should at least have enough space for two cameras and a few extra batteries. You may want one with space for your laptop and/or tablet too, especially if you want to edit your videos before sharing them.

2. External GoPro Mounts

GoPro mounts come in a few different styles and types, including those that mount on the chest, head and shoulder. When choosing a backpack, you need to make sure that you pick one that mounts your GoPro where you want it.

While you can use a mounting device to film with the camera sitting on your forehead, you can also film with the camera on your shoulder, chest or back.

Many backpacks put the mount on the shoulder straps and allow you to shoot both over the front and back of your shoulder. Others let you shoot the action happening directly in front of you.

Action camera backpack

3. Organization Pouches

Organization pouches are important because you want to protect your camera and all your equipment.

You can easily spend hundreds or even thousands of dollars on extra accessories and equipment. Some of the backpacks on our list are action packs designed for drones and other electronics.

They usually have just one large pocket with a few pockets on the outside. You may want to look for a bag that has both large and small pouches on the inside and out.

Those bags give you storage for everything from a bottle of water and your wallet to lenses and extra batteries.

4. Internal Compartments

When you spend hours shooting and filming in the great outdoors you will usually come home with footage that you want to share and some that you want to edit out.

If you pick the right backpack for your GoPro, you will have space for your computer with all your editing software.

The best bags have some type of soft interior pocket or a compartment lined in a soft material. Those pockets will keep your computer from bouncing around and prevent damage.

You should also look for a backpack that features other small compartments that you can use to store your hotel room key, extra cash, at least one extra memory card and any extra cameras that you carry.

5. Comfort

There are dozens of different accessories that you can buy in addition to a GoPro backpack mount.

Some of the top accessories include lanyards, battery chargers, straps and helmets. There are also GoPro mounts that float – for boating, fishing and other water sport activities.

Those accessories can add quite a bit of weight to your pack, which is why you should make sure that the backpack is comfortable. Some of the things to consider when thinking about comfort include how much space the bag takes up on your body and whether you can adjust the straps.

6. Weight

Though you may not think that the weight of a backpack is very important, it will become important on longer trips.

Whether you want to hike the Appalachian Trail or just ride bikes with your friends, you don’t want a bag that weighs you down. The more it weighs, the more pain and pressure you’ll feel, especially on your upper back and shoulders.

It’s helpful to consider how much the bag will weigh when you add all the accessories and equipment that you need. Some bags weigh as much as four pounds or more before you add a single thing.

7. Price

When considering which backpack you’ll buy it pays to put some time into thinking about getting the most for your money. Will you just be using your bag for your GoPro and accessories, or will you need a bag for your other camera and its gear as well?

The top bags out there include GoPro backpacks, multipurpose backpacks and action bags.

A GoPro backpack is a bag designed specifically for GoPro users. These packs usually have a built-in mount, and some have two separate mounts.

Multipurpose and multipurpose photography bags are designed for photographers and usually have larger spaces on the inside.

You’ll also find action bags that you can use for your camera and drone. All of these bags retail for between $50 and $150.

8. Other features

When buying a backpack to use with your camera, you really need to consider some of the same things you would when buying any type of pack or travel bag.

You need to think about the size of the bag and how well it fits your body. If the bag is too long, it may drag across your lower back and butt, but if the bag is too small, it might dig into your back.

You can measure your torso and compare that measurement to the size of the bag you see online to get an idea of how it will fit.

It’s also helpful to get an idea of the bag’s capacity in terms of other items you carry, including extra clothing and food rations when camping. The best bag will have all the space you need and fit comfortably too.

GoPro backpack vloggers

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7 Best GoPro Backpacks

1. THULE Legend Backpack

  • Brand: THULE
  • Price: Check current price.
  • External GoPro mount: 2; upper back
  • Internal storage compartments: Crushproof and padded interior compartments
  • Weight: 3.75 pounds
  • Size: 14.2 inches by 6.5 inches by 19.5 inches
  • Features: Loads of interior and exterior pockets for your remotes, batteries and up to three cameras; hydration bladder reservoir; removable pads; lightweight

Called the “Legend,” this is the ultimate GoPro backpack. THULE made this pack as lightweight as possible while still giving you all the storage that you need.

It comes with two mounts on the back of the pack that hold your cameras, but you’ll find space inside to store up to three.

The bag has a sleek design that won’t get in your way as you ride and climb, and its heavy duty construction ensures that the bag won’t break down either.

GoPro backpack Thule

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Thanks to the foam pads inside, you can go full out during your favorite activities without worrying about breaking your cameras. Those pads are completely removable for washing and cleaning the interior of the bag.

You’ll also find a dedicated reservoir that can accommodate a hydration pack. If you buy just one pack for your outdoor fun, make it the THULE Legend.

2. GoPro Seeker Backpack

  • Brand: GoPro
  • Price: Check current price.
  • External GoPro mount: 2; shoulder and chest
  • Internal storage compartments: Lined compartments with space for batteries, cameras and other accessories
  • Weight: 2.18 pounds
  • Size: 11.1 inches by 18.7 inches by 5.9 inches
  • Features: Space for all your personal gear and equipment; weather-resistant straps; multiple mounts; compartment that can fit a hydration pack or laptop computer

The Seeker is one of the only backpacks designed by GoPro for its cameras. Inside this bag are compartments designed specifically for GoPro products.

Those compartments can hold up to five cameras and all your favorite accessories too. The pack includes another compartment that can hold either a hydration pack or a laptop of up to 15 inches.

No matter how you want to capture the action around you, you can easily mount your camera in two different spots. This pack has mounts on both the shoulder and the chest. If you have an extension pole, you can attach that pole to the shoulder of the backpack too.

One feature I really like about this model is the design of the shoulder straps. Those straps have extra padding to reduce pressure on your shoulders and are both adjustable to fit your body and weather-resistant to prevent damage caused by common weather conditions.

3. Smatree Mavic Pro Backpack

  • Brand: Smatree
  • Price: Check current price.
  • External GoPro mount: 2; back and shoulder strap
  • Internal storage compartments: 2 compartments for laptops and tablets and 9 specialized compartments for other accessories
  • Weight: 4.32 pounds
  • Size: 11.8 inches by 7 inches by 15.7 inches
  • Features: Specially designed compartments for selfie sticks and other accessories; mesh pockets on the inside, multiple mounts on the exterior; EVA foam to keep items safe

This bag from Smatree is one of the only backpacks on the market that is compatible with both GoPro cameras and Mavic drones. It looks like an ordinary bag from the outside, complete with adjustable padded straps and a mesh pocket that can hold a selfie stick.

The exterior also features a zippered compartment and two mounts. One of those is on the shoulder strap to help you capture the action behind you, while the other is on a front chest mount.

When you open this backpack, you’ll find some great storage with EVA foam. That foam allows you to store up to four cameras, a battery charger, other accessories and both a laptop and a tablet.

I’m a big fan of the zippered compartment on the front because it can store a small selfie stick, extra memory cards and other small accessories. If you’re tired of fumbling around to find your stuff, you’ll love that convenient storage compartment.

4. Smatree Travel Backpack

  • Brand: Smatree
  • Price: Check current price.
  • External GoPro mount: 2; chest and shoulder strap
  • Internal storage compartments: Individual pockets and compartments for drone and camera accessories
  • Weight: 1.01 pounds
  • Size: 15.7 inches by 11.8 inches by 7.1 inches
  • Features: EVA foam compartments inside provide protection for your camera and drone accessories; nylon exterior is weather-resistant; can accommodate both a 13-inch laptop and a tablet; fits over one or both shoulders; two mounts and multiple pockets on the outside

Similar to the last Smatree backpack I mentioned, this travel backpack has space for all your must-have accessories.

Designed for both drones and cameras, this bag comes with an accessory organizer on the inside.

Made from foam, this organizer has cut-outs designed specifically for items, including six extra batteries. Those compartments can fit multiple GoPro models such as the Hero and the Session.

The exterior features a mesh pocket for your water bottle or a tripod and adjustable straps that have a GoPro mount. You’ll find a second mount on the chest that lets you shoot everyone and everything in front of you. Just below the chest mount is a zippered pocket that can store batteries and other small accessories.

If you like to carry electronics with you, you’ll like that soft interior pockets too. Those pockets can hold both a tablet and a 13-inch laptop. I also like that you can adjust the back mount for use anywhere on either strap.

5. incase Pro Pack

  • Brand: incase
  • Price: Check current price.
  • External GoPro mount: 1; shoulder strap
  • Internal storage compartments: 1 large compartment that gives you convenient access to all your items
  • Weight: 3.2 pounds
  • Size: 22 inches by 13 inches by 7 inches
  • Features: Integrated mount on the shoulder strap; interior pocket lined with soft fake fur; storage space for two cameras; durable design; adjustable straps that can accommodate a tripod

Not everyone needs a backpack that can hold multiple cameras and dozens of accessories, which is why incase makes this Pro Pack. The durable zippers on the outside will not come open as you move, but those zippers open to reveal a large compartment with space for two cameras and some of your most important accessories.

You also get a canister with hard sides that can keep your cameras safe as you bounce around and an organizer for storing and holding batteries and other items.

Though this bag has a basic design, it comes with some nice features such as the soft fake fur lining inside that is just the right size for an iPad, and adjustable straps that help you get the comfortable fit that you want.

A wall guard inside the pack made from neoprene adjusts to accommodate different types of cameras. This pack also has a GoPro mount on the shoulder to capture shots in front of and behind you.

6. incase Sling Pack

  • Brand: incase
  • Price: Check current price.
  • External GoPro mount: 1; shoulder
  • Internal storage compartments: Soft lining on one large compartment
  • Weight: 2.45 pounds
  • Size: 17.2 inches by 11.5 inches by 5.5 inches
  • Features: One strap design for convenient access; small pocket on the outside; mesh pocket on the inside; padded compartment for an iPad; includes an organizer and camera canister

Like the last incase backpack for GoPro cameras that I featured, the Sling comes with an organizer for your accessories and a canister that keeps your camera safe when you’re not using it.

The Sling has just one strap that you can throw over either shoulder. That strap also features a mount for your GoPro that you can angle in different ways.

A lined pocket on the inside is perfect for an iPad or a small laptop/tablet, and the pocket on the outside is large enough to carry extra batteries and other accessories.

I also recommend this bag because of its construction, which includes both non-PVC and vinyl materials. Those materials can withstand constant use in the great outdoors and exposure to both snow and rain.

7. THULE Legend Sling Pack

  • Brand: THULE
  • Price: Check current price.
  • External GoPro mount: 1; shoulder
  • Internal storage compartments: Multiple zippered compartments and pockets and an accessory organizer
  • Weight: 1.2 pounds
  • Size: 1.8 inches by 3.5 inches by 13.6 inches
  • Features: Convenient design that you can toss over your shoulder; foam accessory storage pad with compartments for common accessories; large zippered pulls; extra pocket on the strap

A conveniently placed pocket on the strap can hold your camera and place it within your fingertips. You can also use that strap to mount the camera to your body.

One of the top features of this pack is that it has large zippered pulls on each exterior pocket. Even if you have larger hands or wear heavy gloves, you can easily slide open that zipper and remove anything tucked inside.

Many outdoor enthusiasts like the sling design of the bag, which lets them wear it across their bodies and over one shoulder to enjoy a full range of motion.

Several pockets on the inside and outside of the bag have zippers and enough space for your wallet, a few snacks and anything else you want to carry.

This is one comes with a storage organizer too. Made from foam, the organizer has individual compartments for accessories such as memory cards and extra batteries.

3 General Use Photography Backpacks

1. Lowepro ViewPoint BP250

  • Brand: Lowepro
  • Price: Check current price.
  • External GoPro mount: None but is compatible with your mounts
  • Internal storage compartments: A large compartment on the bottom and multiple smaller compartments on the top
  • Weight: 2.7 pounds
  • Size: 5.7 inches by 12 inches by 17.9 inches
  • Features: Several straps on sides can accommodate tripods and selfie sticks; room for up to three cameras or one large drone; quick-release straps provide easy access to your accessories; padded and adjustable straps; made from ballistics nylon

Designed for all-day wear and comfort, the ViewPoint backpack is perfect for hiking and camping trips and all types of outdoor adventures.

With a large zippered compartment on the bottom, this backpack can safely hold up to three GoPro cameras and any other equipment you want to bring. That compartment can also accommodate drones made by different companies.

You can use the adjustable straps on the outside to hold a tripod or a selfie stick, but those straps also let you carry other pieces of large or heavy equipment on your body. I’m a big fan of the compartments and straps on the inside of the bag too.

You will also find all the space you need for your headphones, phone and other items.

As an added bonus, this is one of the only photography backpacks with extra padding around the sternum which reduces pressure on your neck or back.

2. USA GEAR Digital SLR Camera Backpack

  • Brand: USA Gear
  • Price: Check current price.
  • External GoPro mount: None
  • Internal storage compartments: Large compartment with dividers that you can adjust
  • Weight: 2.45 pounds
  • Size: 18 inches by 12 inches by 8 inches
  • Features: Large door provides convenient access to your equipment; padded and zippered compartment for a laptop or tablet; adjustable dividers on the inside; made from durable nylon; reinforced and padded straps; multiple pockets

Photography enthusiasts of all ages and skill levels will appreciate this backpack, which has space for extra lenses, batteries, memory cards and anything else they need to carry.

When you’re on the move, you’ll like the large door on the bottom that you can open in seconds to reach your camera and any other large pieces of equipment.

One of the top features of this USA Gear backpack is the adjustable divider system on the inside. This system comes with multiple dividers that you can move and adjust to fit all your top pieces. Thanks to the reinforced handles and straps, this backpack can carry quite a bit of weight without breaking or splitting.

It also comes with padding along the back and padded straps which make it more comfortable.

Suitable for use and wear in all types of weather conditions, this backpack also has mesh pockets and straps on the outside for water bottles and tripods. It even comes with a rain tarp for use in the rain and snow.

3. Neewer Pro Camera Backpack

  • Brand: Neewer
  • Price: Check current price.
  • External GoPro mount: None
  • Internal storage compartments: Multiple pockets and compartments with padded inserts that you can remove
  • Weight: 4.81 pounds
  • Size: 14.2 inches by 12.2 inches by 9.4 inches
  • Features: Combination lock on the outside; memory foam padding in the interior compartments; removable dividers provide extra padding; buckles for tripods and other large accessories; exterior made from waterproof nylon; lens pouches on the shoulder straps

Whether you climb Mount Everest or just take a walk through a local park on a rainy day, you can keep your camera safe in this backpack, which has a waterproof exterior made from nylon.

Designed for those who carry expensive equipment, this bag comes with a combination lock that you can set with any three-digit code of your choosing. That lock has a TSA feature that lets agents check your bag when you travel.

The inside of the bag features one large compartment with removable dividers. Each divider uses a thick type of foam that protects delicate and valuable equipment, but you can remove and adjust those dividers as needed.

Suitable for large DSLR cameras, this bag also works great for GoPro enthusiasts because it gives you room for your camera and other accessories.

Some of the features you’ll find on the outside of the backpack include a hole for earphones, small pockets for your phone and wallet and a built-in security whistle.

GoPro backpack hikers

5 Best GoPro Backpack Mounts

1. PolarPro StrapMount BackPack Mount

  • Brand: Polar Pro Filters
  • Price: Check current price.
  • Mounting method: Quick-release plate
  • Feature(s): Compatible with most backpacks and straps; lightweight; easy to use
  • Material: Bombproof nylon

While you probably won’t encounter any bombs while out and about, you can keep your GoPro safe with this mount, which uses bombproof nylon.

The nylon comes in a dark black color that hides any damage done to the mount, and it will retain its sharp look for years to come.

This model uses a quick-release plate that makes it easy to mount your camera. You simply line up the base of your camera up with the top of the mount and push down to slide it into place. Many like the low-profile design of this camera mount.

2. Peak Design Capture Camera Clip V3

  • Brand: Peak Design
  • Price: Check current price.
  • Mounting method: Strap/belt
  • Feature(s): Compatible with most cameras; can withstand a pressure of up to 200 pounds; adjusts quickly
  • Material: Metal

The metal plate on the bottom of this camera mount can withstand up to 200 pounds of pressure without breaking, but it’s so lightweight that you can carry your camera without feeling weighed down.

Thanks to its quick-release design, you can easily and quickly remove your camera from the mount to take a few pictures before slipping it right back into place. This model comes with a standard plate that works with most tripods and is compatible with clips that you can attach to your clothing or bag.

It fits easily onto any strap or belt. With optional accessories, it will work with most GoPro cameras too.

3. Stuntman Pack Mount

  • Brand: Stuntman Action Camera Mounts
  • Price: Check current price.
  • Mounting method: Straps
  • Feature(s): Compatible with most GoPro models; absorbs shocks; 360-degree adjustable ball joint; works on either shoulder
  • Material: Velcro, stainless steel

This GoPro mount comes with a 360-degree adjustable ball joint that lets you angle the camera in any direction that you want.

That ball joint sits right on top of a base plate that absorbs shocks as you move to keep the camera stable. Designed to fit on either shoulder strap of your backpack, the mount comes with Velcro straps to easily set it up and begin taking videos.

This is one of the only backpack mounts that are compatible with most GoPro models right out of the packaging. You don’t need any extra accessories to mount your camera with this model.

4. Shoulder Strap Mount

  • Brand: GOHIGH
  • Price: Check current price.
  • Mounting method: Velcro
  • Feature(s): Fits on any backpack; works on either shoulder; adjustable design; compatible with Hero 2 and newer models
  • Material: Anti-slip/friction materials; Velcro

This mount fits onto any backpack and lets you carry your GoPro and shoot videos while keeping your hands free.

A layer of friction material provides an anti-slip element to your shooting and keeps the camera from moving and sliding as you walk and run.

The Velcro used on this mount also keeps the camera stable and at the perfect angle on your pack. Included in the packaging is both the mount and a screw that lets you use it with your camera.

Some of the GoPro models that are compatible with this mount include the Hero 2, through the 6. It also works with cameras from Nikon and Kodak.

5. Nomadic Gear Backpack Clip Mount

  • Brand: Nomadic Gear
  • Price: Check current price.
  • Mounting method: Spring clip
  • Feature(s): Clips to any clothing or equipment; keeps your camera from sliding; compatible with live streaming apps
  • Material: Plastic; metal

Unlike other GoPro backpack mounts that you can only use on a backpack, this Nomadic Gear mount will work on almost anything. You can use the mount on your scuba gear when deep sea diving and on the brim of your hat when riding your bike.

It uses a simple spring design that clips your camera into place. If you need more stability, you can use the included screw, which will keep the heaviest of cameras from tipping over. With a 360-degree rotating design, this mount lets you shoot in both portrait and landscape modes.

It also works with live streaming apps to let you share your adventures with friends.

GoPro backpack mounts

Final Thoughts on GoPro Backpacks and Mounts

GoPro makes cameras for those who live action-packed lives. Instead of just taking a few pictures and short videos that show what you did, you can capture scenes that let others imagine themselves there with you.

You can even use these cameras with live streaming apps to share everything you experience with those watching at home. The best way to protect your camera and keep your hands free is with a mount.

You can choose between a mount that fits on an ordinary backpack or a backpack that comes with a mount designed specifically for GoPro cameras.

The best options for you are right here on this list of the best GoPro backpacks and GoPro backpack mounts.

GoPro backpack

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Your Turn

What GoPro backpack or mount do you have your eye on? Have you used one of these before? Let me know in the comments!