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17 Best Survival Gadgets and Tools for Your Next Outdoor Adventure

Planning an outdoor adventure? It’s always a good idea to bring along some basic survival gear. You never know when you might have an unexpected stay in the woods. Here are the best survival gadgets and tools that you should consider.

Survival gadgets and tools

Survival Gadgets and Tools for Your Next Adventure

Your escape into nature is even more relaxing when you have the gear you need if something unexpected should happen.

All of these survival gadgets and tools add to and enhance your outdoor adventures. Lightweight and small enough to carry, most are so multipurpose that you can have them tucked away everywhere – preparing you for anything and everything.

One in your wallet, one in your backpack, one in the saddlebag of your mountain bike, one in your… well you get the idea.

So let’s take a look at some great survival gadgets and tools you’ll want on your next adventure.

Cool survival gadgets

The following gadgets and gear will help you make a fire, a shelter and survive an unexpected stay in the wilderness.

17 Survival Gadgets: The Basics

Having peace of mind knowing you are prepared is the best way to decompress and recharge your batteries making the most of your wilderness trip. So, here is a list of tools and gadgets you might want to consider when planning your next journey into the great outdoors.

Here is our list of the 17 best survival gadgets. Ready to get started? Lets go!

1. Survival Bracelet

Handy, lightweight and aesthetically pleasing, this Paracord Survival Bracelet comes as a complete outdoor survival kit you can wear wrapped around your wrist.

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The most resourceful bracelet you’ve ever seen comes with a compass, emergency rope, magnifier, fire starter along with emergency knife and whistle making it an amazing doodad and feat of compact wearable genius.

It also comes in a variety of brightly colored high visibility cord for every taste.

2. Survival Shelter Tube Tent

Made of insulating Mylar material designed by NASA which retains 90% of your body heat, this water tight and wind resistant tube tent/shelter is an excellent thermal barrier against hypothermia and shock. Grizzly Gear describe it as a reflective cold weather shelter but it has so many more uses.

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As a sleeping bag, signalling device and water collector plus more, this compact, lightweight bit of kit is on the top of the survival list. Folding down to a small flat size, it’s easily stowed in your gear.

3. 26 Piece Paracord Survival Kit

Jam packed full of goodies this is truly one well-designed handy gizmo. Who knew you could pack so much into such a small package.

Holding a thermal blanket, fire starter, razor blade and complete fishing gear, it’s also got a first aid kit and whistle to signal for help.

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Last Man Survival Gear has truly come up with a marvel in ingenuity. Even with all of this neatly packed inside, it’s still small enough to fit into the palm of your hand and easily attachable to your backpack via the carabiner. This is one compact bag of tricks you definitely don’t want to leave home without.

4. Military Folding Shovel

Chop, dig, peel, hook, saw and entrench with this useful rust, water and fracture resistant tool. FiveJoy were even thoughtful enough to include a whistle for attracting rescuers attention and a fire starter so there is very little this tool cannot do!

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Weighing a mere 1.2 pounds this incredibly compact and versatile tool more than pulls its weight around the campsite.

Unlike other shovel tools the adjustable head of this one locks in for ease of use so you can even chop down trees using the blade.

5. Personal Water Filter: LifeStraw

Removing 99.999% or waterborne bacteria and 99.9% waterborne protozoan parasites this personal water filtration system is easy to carry, small and a must have for every outdoorsman or woman.

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Lifestraw definitely hit the jackpot when creating this alternative to purification iodine tablets and hosts a high flow rate so you can drink directly from the water source.

In fact, it cleans water so thoroughly that they even tested it on drinking from a puddle.

Now that’s something to boast about. A small lightweight tube, it is easily tucked away in your backpack to be easily accessible should the need arise.

6. No Service GPS and Texts: goTenna Signal Booster

Increase your chances of being found in remote areas with no cell service by means of goTenna’s Bluetooth low-energy pairing with your cell phone when cell service and WiFi are unavailable.

Including free, offline maps for any region of the world this is a very handy survival tool to have.

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Emergency communication can literally be the difference between life and death in remote areas.

7. Fire Starter Survival Kit

With over 15,000 strikes able to start fire when wet or dry, the Sahara Sailor magnesium fire starter kit is designed to work under even the most adverse conditions.

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One of the top-rated fire thingies on the market this small, compact and waterproof little powerhouse can also be used for self-defense.

Including a glass breaker helps make an emergency escape easy in times of crisis like a car accident or rescue. The best aspect of this is that it can even make fire when it is wet.

8. Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag

So you never get caught out in the cold again, Survival Frog has come up with an inspired ultra-lightweight sleeping bag and thermal blanket rolled into one.

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Made from highly visible orange HeatEcho polyester, it increases the chances of search parties finding you while you are tucked up safe and warm in your waterproof, tear proof and windproof sleeping bag.

Weighing just 4.2 ounces you don’t even notice you’re carrying this life saving bivvy bag.

9. Portable Solar Phone Charger

Being able to call for help and having a line to the outside world in case of emergencies is vital when spending time in the great outdoors, especially in remote locations where help may take a while to arrive.

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Revive has a great solar charger that fits most popular phone brands, fully charging your phone quickly with stored solar power so you are never caught unawares.

An additional USB attachment means you can charge all other compatible appliances as well. Just place it in the sun and walk away, letting it charge away while you are out exploring.

10. Wetfire Tinder

Keep warm even in rainy, wet or drizzly areas with this inspired fuel for any fire. UST’s wet fire tinder is actually designed to burn better and longer when moist or wet ensuring you can always keep warm and light a signal fire.

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Lightweight, it also holds up well against the wind making it an additional safety feature as it helps deter animals and predators in the worst of circumstances.

11. Wood Burning Survival Stove

Highly compact and portable, this little stove makes use of what’s at hand so you don’t need to cart around fuel canisters. Wealers Outdoor offer this little camping stove for all terrains.

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Being highly windproof as the fire is housed within the body, it allows you to cook in all conditions. Extremely eco friendly all that remains after you’ve finished is ash so you can rest assured you are being kind to the green spaces you find yourself enjoying.

12. 40 Tools in 1 Credit Card Multi-tool

Designed to slip into your wallet or the pocket of your gear bag with minimal space required, this effective, space efficient tool encompasses a host of handy gadgets.

Wrenches, screwdrivers, hex bit driver, cord cutters and even a bottle opener there isn’t too much Lever Gears Toolcard Pro can’t do.

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Weighing just one ounce, you can put your mind at ease because it’s even TSA compliant saving those ‘Sorry Officer, I forgot that was there’ moments when you travel.

13. Solar Powered Hand Cranking Torch

Illuminating in more ways than one, MECO’s lightweight and compact portable solar torch provides an hour of light after just 6 minutes of cranking.

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Another nifty survival gadget small enough to fit into palm of your hand, and weighing a mere 86 grams, this little powerhouse stores energy for a long time.

High conversion efficiency also means the built in rechargeable battery is easy to keep charged. The perfect doodad for when the sun starts going down and you’d only planned on a day hike.

14. Pocket Chainsaw

Easily resharpened and durable, Sportsman Industries bi-directional self-cleaning, quality ‘chainsaw like’ teeth slice your work in half.

By cutting both ways as you saw, with comfortable handles and a longer than average thicker chain, it’s easier to use with a quicker cutting time saving you precious energy.

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A true survival tool of the highest order, this pocket dynamo is able to handle everything from thin branches to large tree trunks. There is also a magnesium fire starter rod and flint to help you out, all wrapped up nicely in a small pouch.

15. Knife with Survival Kit

A lot of outdoors people fall for this knife hook, line and sinker when they see it contains just that! This Amazon Jungle Survival Knife contains a sewing kit and full fishing gear – it even includes the sinker which raises your chances of actually catching a fish.

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And the best part is it contains some waterproof matches so you can cook the fish you just caught. A compass is built into the butt enabling you to find your way home or to the nearest source of help.

16. Multi tool Army Knife Ax with Hammer Plier

As the name suggests this multi tool has it all. Hatchet and hammers, saws and screwdrivers all in a compact tool weighing less than a pound.

Rose Kuli has outdone themselves with this durable, versatile and practical tool perfect for cutting, prying, hammering, screwing and smashing anything you may need to during camping or any other outdoor adventure.

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Or if you just decide to run off into the wilderness and build a log cabin by yourself, then this multitool is the perfect thingamajig to take with you.

17. Tactical Pen for Self-Defense

This elegant, compact and lightweight gadget pen is an asset to have tucked away in your pocket or backpack.

Sure, in the ‘hand to hand combat with a bear’ type situation it may not be your best weapon, but you could probably take a raccoon. Complete with glass breaker, flashlight and outdoor survival kit built in, it’s still one very handy pen!

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Tactical flashlight, a multi-tool head, hex wrench, scraper, screwdriver and bottle opener, it’s also equipped with a glass breaking head for emergency escapes.

All of this and it still writes like a dream. Built to last with a sturdy construction of tungsten steel it’s sleek design makes is an asset to take on all your adventures or to the office.

Best survival gadgets

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Survival Tools and You

Increasing your chances in the wild by having survival gadgets as a backup is just plain good ol’ common sense.

Survival tools are a fun way to take what you need because no matter how much experience you have, weird stuff can happen in the woods.

No, we aren’t talking about a raccoon attack (they don’t make a gadget for that) but unforeseen things.

Like maybe a rogue raccoon running off, and your dog giving chase.

Then you get lost chasing after them, and it gets dark, and you’re cold, and you need to find shelter … you see where we’re going with this right? Yes, unforeseen things do happen – so best to find great gadgets to help you through in times of need.

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Your Turn

What survival gadget are you planning to use? Do you own one of these items? What do you love/hate about it? Join me in the comments below!

Dave reichard

Saturday 7th of September 2019

Shovel kit needs a hatchet head as well, with hammer on back.