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12 Essential Campfire Safety Tips: Fire Safety Rules for Kids

According to the US Forest Service, 90% of wildfires in the United States are caused by carelessness. Here are twelve essential campfire safety rules. These fire safety tips will help keep your kids and the forests safe. 12 Campfire Safety Tips Here are 12 tips for safe use of a campfire. These would be great […] Read more

Campfire Cooking Guide: 5 Methods, Temperature Regulation, Gear

So you want to cook on the campfire? Congrats! While there’s nothing wrong with using a campstove, there isn’t anything like food cooking over an open wood fire. Learn five methods of campfire cooking, how to regulate the temperature, plus lots of tips and gear. Guide to Campfire Cooking Toasting marshmallows, roasting hot dogs, or […] Read more

Crater Lake Camping Guide: 4 Campgrounds, 5 Attractions, 11 Hikes

Crater Lake is located in Crater Lake National Park, in southern Oregon. In this guide you’ll learn about Crater Lake camping, campgrounds, attractions, hikes and answers to many common questions. Crater Lake Camping (Visitors Guide) Crater Lake is located high on the crest of the Cascade Mountain range. The caldera rim reaches an elevation of […] Read more

55 Best Campfire Songs Ever: Family Friendly Guide (Lyrics, Kids, Books)

Ready for a sing-along? Here are the best campfire songs ever. They include classic, folk, modern, and kids. Plus our pick of the best kids campfire songs and 5 of the best campfire songbooks. And you can even sing them all with your kids – they’re all family friendly – without alcohol, violence, or innuendo. […] Read more

Sequoia Camping Visitors Guide: 8 Campgrounds, 16 Hikes & Attractions

Thinking about a camping trip to Sequoia National Park? In this guide, you’ll learn about Sequoia camping, things to do, hiking, campgrounds, when to visit, weather, and more. Plus, lots of photos and videos of Sequoia National Park. Sequoia National Park Camping Guide 8 Campgrounds in Sequoia National Park Sequoia National Park is located in […] Read more

Joshua Tree Camping Guide: 12 Campgrounds, 10 Hikes, 8 Attractions

Thinking about a camping trip to Joshua Tree? In this epic guide, you’ll learn about Joshua Tree camping, hiking, campgrounds, attractions, weather, when to visit, and much more. Plus, lots of photos and videos of Joshua Tree National Park. Joshua Tree Camping (Visitors Guide) With 12 campgrounds to choose from, Joshua Tree is a great […] Read more

Pismo Beach Camping (Visitors Guide) 6 Campgrounds, Hikes, Attractions

Thinking about a camping trip to Pismo Beach? In this guide, you’ll learn about Pismo Beach camping, including the best campgrounds, hikes, attractions, weather, when to visit, and more. Plus, we answer more than 25 common questions about Pismo Beach. Pismo Beach Camping (Visitors Guide) Pismo Beach is a city in California with a population […] Read more

Yellowstone Camping Visitors Guide: 11 Campgrounds, 10 Hikes, 9 Facts

Planning to visit Yellowstone National Park? In this ultimate guide, you’ll learn about Yellowstone camping, hiking, attractions, campgrounds, weather, when to visit, and much more. Plus tons of photos and maps. Yellowstone Camping Visitors Guide Yellowstone National Park is located in northeastern United States. If you are looking for a camping adventure, Yellowstone won’t disappoint. […] Read more