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How to Use a Trail Camera: Choose, Use, Troubleshoot (11 Guides)

Trail Camera Guides

Trail cameras are great cameras to see what’s been visiting your backyard. Because they are motion-activated, they’ll shoot when there is something there, but not fill your SD card with boring footage. These guides will teach you how to use a trail camera.

They can be set up remotely, via a cellular connection. Or monitored in person every few months.

how to use a trail camera

Here’s how to choose and use your trail camera:

wildlife trail camera

11 Best Trail Cameras for Wildlife Photography (Reviews / Comparisons)

So you noticed an animal trail near your home and want to see what's there? Nice. Here are the best trail cameras for capturing wildlife ...
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how to view trail camera photos on computer

4 Ways to Connect Trail Camera to Computer: View Photos/Videos

After months of filming wildlife, it's time to see just what your trail camera captured. Here's how to view trail camera photos on your computer ...
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format sd card for trail camera

4 Ways to Format SD Card for Trail Camera: Windows, Mac, Camera, CMD

Formatting (and reformatting) your SD card is an important step to prevent glitches and full memory cards. Here's how to format an SD card for ...
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why is my trail camera not taking night pictures

Trail Camera Not Taking Night Photos? 7 Things to Check

Most trail cameras excel at night photos of local wildlife. But sometimes they fail and won't take night photos. And sometimes they shoot photos but ...
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how to keep trail camera from being stolen

9 Ways to Prevent Trail Camera Theft (Best Camera Cable Locks)

Trail cameras are great tools for wildlife observers, photographers, and hunters. It allows you to view animals in their natural habitat and from a safe ...
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PIR delay on game camera

PIR Delay on Game Camera: Meaning, Use, Setting

Game cameras are popular among game photographers and hunters. They allow you to see what the animals are doing without having to be there in ...
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why is my trail camera not taking pictures

Why is My Trail Camera Not Taking Pictures? 8 Easy Fixes

When you set your trail camera, you're hoping for some great footage of local wildlife. But what if when you check it, the photos and ...
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how long do trail camera batteries last

How Long Do Trail Camera Batteries Last? (9 Tips for Longer Life) 7 Factors

I started filming wildlife with trail cameras last year. And I love that they sit ready to capture footage day and night. But if the ...
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trail camera wont turn on

Trail Camera Won’t Turn On? 9 Things to Try (Reset, Troubleshooting)

Nothing is more frustrating than spending time setting up your trail cam, only to have no pictures to show for it. There can be multiple ...
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how to program a trail camera

How to Program a Trail Camera: 12 Factors for Great Wildlife Photos

While the choice of trail camera matters, it's all for nothing if you don't actually record great footage. Here's how to program a trail camera ...
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how to hide a trail camera

How to Hide a Trail Camera from Humans (7 Hacks to Prevent Theft)

Trail cameras are great for wildlife spotting or even home security. But an obvious trail camera is sadly prone to theft or vandalism. Here's how ...
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