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Sub-Zero Winter Camping Guide (Hammocks, Tents, Heaters)

Don't let the cold weather keep you inside. In this guide to winter camping, you'll learn how to stay warm, safe, and happy in the great (cold) outdoor. Topics include winter camping in hammocks, tents, making a winter campfire, insulating a tent, and the best winter camping tents.

Of course, we also cover the best heaters for tents. There's a reason this is one of our most read posts.

Winter camping

Ultimate Guide to Winter Camping

how to heat a camper without electricity

How to Heat a Camper Without Electricity (6 Easy Ways)

If you don’t have an electricity hookup for your camper, there are still several different ways you can effectively heat the space. This can be useful if you’re out in the backcountry and don’t have access to a campground with ...
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how to winterize a camper to live in

How to Winterize a Camper to Live In: Checklist, Gear, Hacks

Roughing the winter in your camper doesn’t have to be rough. You’re only a few steps away from enjoying winter in your camper—rather than enduring it. To winterize your camper for full-time winter living, you can make a few essential ...
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winterize rv with antifreeze

How to Put Antifreeze in an RV Camper (Step by Step)

Putting antifreeze in your RV as part of the winterization process is sad for two reasons. First, your summer of fun is coming to an end. And second, because it can be expensive to pay someone else to do. It's ...
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winter rv camping

14 Winter RV Camping Tips (Guide to Beat Cold Weather)

One benefit of RVs is that you can use them any time of year to travel to almost any destination. However, one thing to keep in mind is you and your passengers’ safety in an RV if you plan on ...
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how to winterize an rv

How to Winterize Your RV Camper (16 Step Checklist)

A pipe bursting from freezing temperatures is one of the quickest ways to total your RV and permanently ruin your camping trips. It’s important to winterize your camper if you’re parking it in a location that gets below freezing in ...
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Winter hammock camping

Winter Hammock Camping Guide: 33 Cozy Tips & Essential Gear

Heading out for a weekend of winter hammock camping? Very nice! Here are 16 practical tips to help you stay warm and safe. You'll also find a 17 piece gear list to make your sub zero hammock camping trip more ...
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Winter camping tips

35 Winter Camping Tips: Sub-Zero But Safe, Warm, and Cozy

Camping in the winter is a unique experience compared to the rest of the year. These winter camping tips will help you have a safe, warm, and successful trip. Check out our full Guide to Winter Camping 35 Winter Camping ...
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Winter hiking tips

26 Winter Hiking Tips: Keeping You Warm, Safe, and Happy

Heading out on a winter hike? Nice! In this post, you'll find a huge set of winter hiking tips to keep you warm, safe, and happy. Let's do this! Enjoy camping? Check out our huge set of winter camping tips ...
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Winter campfire guide

How to Build the Best Winter Campfire (and Cook Like a Boss)

Making a campfire isn't super hard. Here are 6 easy methods. But making a fire in the snow is something else. In this post, you'll learn how to build the best winter campfire - and cook on it like a ...
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How to insulate a tent for winter camping

How to Insulate a Tent for Winter Camping: 9 Tips (So You Don’t Freeze)

Heading out on a camping trip this winter? Here's how to insulate a tent for winter camping. This post includes numerous tips and gear suggestions so you'll stay comfortable and safe from the cold. How to Insulate a Tent for ...
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Winter camping guide

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