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Winter hammock camping

Winter Hammock Camping Guide: 33 Cozy Tips & Essential Gear

Heading out for a weekend of winter hammock camping? Very nice! Here are 16 practical tips to help you stay warm and safe. You'll also find a 17 piece gear ...
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Can you squish a tick?

Can You Squish a Tick? Plus 17 More Gross Tick Facts (Hunt, Feed, Kill)

Can you squish a tick? Should you? In this post, you'll learn how to safely kill a tick, how they hunt, attach, drug, then feed on you. You'll learn about ...
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heaters for tents

12 Best Heaters for Tents: Safe Camping Guide (Gas / Electric Space Heaters)

So you love camping - but hate being cold? This post is exactly what you need, you'll learn about the best heaters for tents. There is also a detailed guide ...
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How to waterproof a tent

How to Waterproof a Tent: 6 Tips (and Tons of Tricks) to Keep You Dry

You're excited about your upcoming camping trip and hoping for sunny skies. But what if it rains? Don't worry, in this post, you'll learn how to waterproof a tent, plus ...
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Campfire fun

Campfire Fun: How to Build, Cook, Sing, Play (Campers Guide)

The campfire is the center of every camping trip. In this guide, you'll learn how to make the best campfire (6 methods), how to cook on it, make coffee, s'mores, ...
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Winter camping

Sub-Zero Winter Camping Guide (Hammocks, Tents, Heaters)

Don't let the cold weather keep you inside. In this guide to winter camping, you'll learn how to stay warm, safe, and happy in the great (cold) outdoor. Topics include ...
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Best places to camp in the United States

Best Places to Camp in the United States: National, State, Local Parks

Love camping, but aren't sure where to pitch your tent? Here are the best places to camp in the United States. They include national, state and local campgrounds. Start planning ...
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Must have survival gear for hikers

12 Must Have Survival Gear Items for Hikers (Water, Fire, Health)

Heading out on a hike and want to make sure you're safe? In this post, learn about must have survival gear for hikers and outdoor lovers. Right now, you might ...
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cool bike accessories

43 Cool Bike Accessories for Mountain Bikers (Hydrate, Navigate, Be Safe)

Love trail riding? In this post, you'll discover 43 cool bike accessories for mountain bikers. They range from navigation and comfort to health, safety and storage. These mountain bike accessories ...
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Guide to the best camping stove

8 Best Camping Stoves of 2020: Buyers Guide (6 Factors)

In this guide to the best camping stoves, you'll learn about six factors to consider when buying a camp stove, the pros and cons of tabletop, and freestanding stoves. We ...
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Safe hiking water

How Much Water to Take Backpacking? Hikers Hydration Guide

How much water to bring on a hike? I'm sure you don't want to lug lug gallons of water. In this post, you'll learn about how much water to take ...
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Winter hiking tips

26 Winter Hiking Tips: Keeping You Warm, Safe, and Happy

Heading out on a winter hike? Nice! In this post, you'll find a huge set of winter hiking tips to keep you warm, safe, and happy. Let's do this! Enjoy ...
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Winter camping tips

35 Winter Camping Tips: Sub-Zero But Safe, Warm, and Cozy

Camping in the winter is a unique experience compared to the rest of the year. These winter camping tips will help you have a safe, warm, and successful trip. Check ...
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Winter camping tents

6 Best Winter Tents (Campers Guide to Cold Weather Tents)

Winter camping presents an amazing opportunity for adventure. In this post, you'll learn how to choose the most important piece of gear: your tent. You'll find the best winter camping ...
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How to start a campfire

How to Start a Campfire: 6 Easy Ways to Build the Perfect Fire

Learn how to start a campfire in almost any situation. In this post, you'll learn about the 6 best ways to start a campfire. And tips for ignition, smokeless fires, ...
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how much wind can a travel trailer withstand

How Much Wind Can an RV Withstand? Moving / Parked (2 Charts)

High winds in an RV can be dangerous. Just how much wind can an RV withstand? In this post, we'll cover all the details (two charts) for a safe RV adventure. But first, here is ...
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how much does it cost to install rv hookups

How Much Does It Cost to Install RV Hookups? (Water, Power, Sewer, Pad)

RVs are great as extra work or living space or to set up camp somewhere exciting. Knowing how to install hookups is necessary to create a livable space with water, electricity, and sewage. Whether you ...
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winter rv camping

14 Winter RV Camping Tips (Guide to Beat Cold Weather)

One benefit of RVs is that you can use them any time of year to travel to almost any destination. However, one thing to keep in mind is you and your passengers’ safety in an ...
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how to winterize an rv

How to Winterize Your RV Camper (16 Step Checklist)

A pipe bursting from freezing temperatures is one of the quickest ways to total your RV and permanently ruin your camping trips. It’s important to winterize your camper if you’re parking it in a location ...
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what is walk up camping

What is Walk Up Camping? 12 Tips For Getting a Great Site

So you're trying to plan your camping trip and you've come across some walk up camping sites. But what is walk up camping? In this post, you'll learn what it is, plus 12 tips to ...
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campfire safety

12 Essential Campfire Safety Tips: Fire Safety Rules for Kids

According to the US Forest Service, 90% of wildfires in the United States are caused by carelessness. Here are twelve essential campfire safety rules. These fire safety tips will help keep your kids and the ...
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campfire cooking

Campfire Cooking Guide: 5 Methods, Temperature Regulation, Gear

So you want to cook on the campfire? Congrats! While there's nothing wrong with using a campstove, there isn't anything like food cooking over an open wood fire. Learn five methods of campfire cooking, how ...
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how long to boil water drinking

How Long to Boil Drinking Water: Safe Water Guide for Campers

Concerned about having enough safe water on your trip? When you're hiking and camping, you likely have an endless source of good water - if boil it first. In this post, you'll learn how long ...
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Crater Lake camping

Crater Lake Camping Guide: 4 Campgrounds, 5 Attractions, 11 Hikes

Crater Lake is located in Crater Lake National Park, in southern Oregon. In this guide you'll learn about Crater Lake camping, campgrounds, attractions, hikes and answers to many common questions. Crater Lake Camping (Visitors Guide) ...
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