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Cool camping gadgets

97+ Cool Camping Gadgets and Gear

So you're going camping? Great – but are you prepared? In this post, you'll find 97+ cool camping gadgets and gear that will make your next trip amazing! 

From portable bunk beds to s’mores inside the tent, look no further for the most unique products on the market! Check out the full list: Cool Camping Gadgets & Gear

Remove a tick head after body is gone

Remove a Tick Head After the Body is Gone

So you met a tick. And then pulled it off. And the tick head remains. NOW WHAT? There are plenty of guides on the web about how to remove a whole tick; they make it sound so easy, don’t they? But all too often, you’ve followed the instructions to the letter but that darn tick head is still in there!

In this post, you’ll learn 5 ways to remove a tick head after the body is gone.

Essential oil mosquito repellent

Campers Guide to Essential Oil Bug Repellent

Heading outdoors but hate those biting insects? Me too. In the campers guide to essential oil bug repellent you’ll learn what oils repel which insects, including mosquitoes, ticks, and fleas.

You’ll also find an insect repellent essential oils list – to know which essential oil best repels your arch nemesis.

heaters for tents

Best Heaters for Camping Tents

So you love camping – but hate being cold? This post is exactly what you need, you’ll learn about the best heaters for tents.

There is also a detailed guide to choosing (and using) safe heaters for tents. See the full guide.

open can without a can opener

How to Open a Can Without a Can Opener

In this post, you’ll learn how to open a can without a can opener. Sure, it’s going to be a little crude – but when it’s time to eat, it’s okay to go a little caveman.

So here’s the situation: You’re hungry. You have a can of soup. But no can opener. Has this ever happened to you? Here's how to get to the grub.

Must have survival gear for hikers

Must Have Survival Gear for Hikers

Heading out on a hike and want to make sure you’re safe? In this post, learn about must have survival gear for hikers and outdoor lovers.

Remember: No one plans to get lost! However, you can plan to survive getting lost by investing in these 12 must have survival gear items for hikers.


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