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Campfire Fun: How to Build, Cook, Sing, Play (Campers Guide)

The campfire is the center of every camping trip. In this guide, you’ll learn how to make the best campfire (6 methods), how to cook on it, make coffee, s’mores, and some fun games and campfire songs.

Ready to have some campfire fun? Let’s get started!

campfire skills

Campers Guide to Campfire Fun

how to get smoke smell out of clothes

How to Get Smoke Smell Out of Clothes: 9 Camper Tips

Camping season is here! Songs and tasty snacks around the campfire will become a favorite pastime again. Roasting marshmallows for s’mores will be the go-to ...
campfire safety

12 Essential Campfire Safety Tips: Fire Safety Rules for Kids

According to the US Forest Service, 90% of wildfires in the United States are caused by carelessness. Here are twelve essential campfire safety rules. These ...
campfire cooking

Campfire Cooking Guide: 5 Methods, Temperature Regulation, Gear

So you want to cook on the campfire? Congrats! While there's nothing wrong with using a campstove, there isn't anything like food cooking over an ...
Campfire songs

55 Best Campfire Songs Ever: Family Friendly Guide (Lyrics, Kids, Books)

Ready for a sing-along? Here are the best campfire songs ever. They include classic, folk, modern, and kids. Plus our pick of the best kids ...
Winter campfire guide

How to Build the Best Winter Campfire (and Cook Like a Boss)

Making a campfire isn't super hard. Here are 6 easy methods. But making a fire in the snow is something else. In this post, you'll ...
How hot is a campfire?

How Hot is a Campfire? Average, Internal, Cooking Temps

Planning to cook over your campfire? Nice. But how hot is a campfire? In this post, you'll learn the average temperature of a campfire (3 ...
Campfire Smores

How to Make Campfire S’mores: 7 Recipes (Classic + 6 Variations)

Ah, campfire s'mores. What's more typical for camping than making s'mores? Here's how to make the classic s'mores recipe - plus 6 pretty incredible recipe ...
How to make coffee while camping

How to Make Coffee While Camping: 9 Methods (Plus Tips / Gear)

You want to get outside, wake up to the sounds of nature, and make some good coffee, right?! Well, you'll love this post, it's all ...
How to start a campfire

How to Start a Campfire: 6 Easy Ways to Build the Perfect Fire

Learn how to start a campfire in almost any situation. In this post, you'll learn about the 6 best ways to start a campfire. And ...
how to start a fire without matches

How to Start a Fire Without Matches (or Lighter) 16 Ways

There are many ways to build a campfire. But do you know how to start a fire without matches? To start a fire without a ...
Camping activities for adults

14 Fun Camping Activities for Adults: Campfire, Classic, and Active

So you're going camping. What will you do to pass the time? In this post, you'll learn about 14 fun camping activities for adults. Let's ...
what is bushcraft

What is Bushcraft? 13 Skills/Tools for Bushcraft Camping Guide

Bushcraft and bushcraft camping is gaining popularity. It is similar to camping but still distinct. Here’s your beginner’s guide to bushcraft camping. You'll learn about the ...
bbq party games charades

42 BBQ Games for Adults: Outdoor Party Ideas (Family Friendly)

Friends food, good weather, and lots of fun: what else does your barbecue need? Well, it depends on what kind of fun you want to ...
how to boil water while camping

How to Boil Water While Camping: 13 Easy, Safe Ways

When camping trip, hot water makes everything better. Hot coffee, hot showers, and clean dishes. But boiling water is also important for killing unwanted bacteria ...
Campfire fun
Campfire hacks

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