Dena Haines

Should You Cover Your RV in the Winter? 6 Pros/Cons (+3 Covers)

Perhaps you’ve seen advertisements for RV covers, and you’re wondering if they’re indispensable, especially during the winter. Do you need to use a cover? And if so, what are some good, dependable covers on the market? You should cover your RV in the winter if you don’t have a garage large enough to store it […] Read more

Kings Canyon Camping Guide: 6 Campgrounds, 5 Hikes, Weather

Heading on a camping trip to Kings Canyon National Park? In this post, you’ll learn about Kings Canyon camping, including hiking, weather, attractions, and the best campgrounds. Plus photos, videos and resources. Kings Canyon Camping: Visitors Guide 6 Kings Canyon Campgrounds Kings Canyon National Park is one of the oldest national parks established by the […] Read more

Assateague Island Camping Guide: 8 Campgrounds, 9 Hikes, Attractions

Planning a camping trip to Assateague Island? In this epic guide, you’ll learn about Assateague Island camping, hiking, campgrounds, attractions, weather, when to visit, and much more. Plus, lots of photos and videos of Assateague Island. Assateague Island Camping (Visitors Guide) Assateague Islands is a barrier island located off the east coast of the Delmarva […] Read more

Planning on shooting some GoPro footage on your next adventure? In this post, you’ll learn about the best GoPro accessories in 2020 – for outdoor adventurers, vloggers, and hikers. They include underwater, POV mounts, vlogging gear, selfie sticks, remotes, gimbals, and more. 41 Best GoPro Accessories in 2020 Though you might watch videos on YouTube […] Read more