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Best Camping Cookware for Hikers and Campers [Buyers Guide]

Cooking outdoors requires the right heat source and the correct cookware. In this guide, you’ll learn how to choose the best camping cookware for your trip (6 factors). I also include cooking tips, accessories, and safety gear. Best Camping Cookware for Hikers and Campers: Buyers Guide You’re about to go on a hiking adventure. So, […] Read more

8 Best Camping Stoves: Buyers Guide [Factors, Tips, Gear, Safety]

So you’re going camping and need to avoid eating raw meat and drinking cold coffee? Lol, perfect! In this guide to the best camping stoves, you’ll learn about six factors to consider when buying a camp stove, the pros and cons of tabletop, and freestanding stoves. We also share our picks for the best camp […] Read more

Making a campfire isn’t super hard. Here are 6 easy methods. But making a fire in the snow is something else. In this post, you’ll learn how to build the best winter campfire – and cook on it like a boss. How to Build the Best Winter Campfire Watch on YouTube There’s nothing like sitting […] Read more

Planning to cook over your campfire? Nice. But how hot is a campfire? In this post, you’ll learn the average temperature of a campfire and how to cook like a chef while camping. How hot is a campfire? (Jump to the answer) How Hot is a Campfire?  Chef’s Guide to Campfire Cooking Toasting marshmallows, roasting hotdogs, […] Read more

Ah, campfire s’mores. Is there anything more typical for a family campfire than making s’mores? In this post, you’ll learn how to make the classic s’mores recipe – plus 6 pretty incredible variations. How to Make Campfire S’mores: Classic Recipe (and 6 delicious variations) Nothing makes life long memories and says sun drenched summers in […] Read more

You want to get outside, wake up to the sounds of nature, and make some good coffee, right?! Well, you’ll love this post, it’s all about how to make coffee while camping. Learn more about How to start a campfire (6 fire types, tips & gear). How to Make Coffee While Camping: 9 Methods Although […] Read more

Guide to Thru Hiking Food: Appalachian Trail Meals, Snacks and Tips

Planning on thru hiking the Appalachian Trail? Here’s what you need to know about thru hiking food. In this post, you’ll learn about resupply, hiker friendly towns, and ideas for meals and snacks. Guide to Appalachian Trail Thru Hiking Food If you are dreaming about hiking the Appalachian Trail from one end to the other, one of […] Read more