how long does flex seal last

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  1. After carefully following instructions for repairing cracks in rv shower floor, (including drilling holes in shower floor to add gap filler foam to keep floor from caving, and sanding before application of FlexSeal-yes I cleaned and dried the area!), I allowed the necessary cure time, then gave it an additional 2nd & third coat. Satisfied with the results, until I began to notice first, cracks in the Flex seal, then pieces of rubber tearing away from the shower floor, sometimes blocking the drain! I “fixed” the shower floor less than a year ago, and noticed the first crack within mayyybe, 6 months, then shortly thereafter, the rubber tearing away. I obviously need to reconsider an alternative low cost “fix” that will be more effective. & Last MUCH much longer. I have purchased several variations of Flex Seal, so I’m a believer in the product.. However, I must accept that Flex-Seal, is definitely NOT a “Fix-All”. Very disappointed this time around.

  2. Flex seal last roughly 10-12 years on the RV roof but its lifespan also depends on the compatibility between the seal and the RV roof.

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