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10 Best Hiking Underwear for Men and Women (Chafe-Free Comfort)

Underwear. Everyone wears them – nothing embarrassing here. In this guide, you'll learn about the best underwear for hiking, including the top 5 features (buyers guide) and the best hiking underwear for men and women.

Best underwear for hiking

Best Hiking Underwear for Comfort

Are you tired of the coming back from a hiking trip chaffed? Are you ready to make the move to better unmentionables?

This buyer’s guide will help you decide on the best underwear for hiking. Whether male or female, you will find important information on what type of undergarments you should be wearing for the most comfort.

Finally, this guide will review the 10 best types of underwear for hiking for both men and women.

There are 3 main sections to this guide:

  1. Buyers Guide to Hiking Underwear (jump to section)
  2. Women's underwear for hiking (jump to section)
  3. Men's underwear for hiking (jump to section)
Best hiking underwear

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6 Factors: Choose the Best Hiking Underwear

There are a number of factors to choosing the best (most comfortable) underwear for your next hike. Ignore one and you might regret it. Let's get started!

1. Material: Synthetic vs Wool

What it really comes down to is synthetic versus wool. As a rule, no cotton should be worn as a base layer of any kind. Why? Cotton soaks up sweat, and does not dry quickly. The results are chafing, discomfort, and potential infection.

Both synthetic and wool do a good job of drying quickly, breathing, and moisture wicking. However, there are some pros and cons to each.

  • Merino wool underwear stays warm when wet, offers breathability, and acts as a natural microbial.
  • Synthetic undergarments are typically less expensive, much stronger, and faster drying.

2. Flatlock Seams

Flatlock seams are a must on the best underwear for hiking. If your seams are sticking out, they will rub uncomfortably on your nether regions and cause chafing.

In addition, you won’t want a seam that runs down the middle of the underwear. Over time this will cause discomfort.

3. Antimicrobial

The best underwear for hiking will have antimicrobial properties to keep bacteria in moist areas under control. As mentioned, merino wool is naturally antimicrobial. However, not everyone likes the feel of this material.

Synthetic materials are usually treated to give them protective properties, though these will get washed out eventually.

4. Durable

You will want to find underwear that is made to last. It is important that whatever products you chose will hold up during machine washing.

If your unmentionables begin to lose their form, they will also become uncomfortable and cause chafing and bunching.

5. Moisture Wicking

It is important to choose underwear that has moisture-wicking properties. This means the material will naturally pull sweat away from your body while you are hiking.

Moisture wicking will help you stay dry and clean during your adventures. This can feel like a lifesaver during hot hikes.

6. Breathable

Material breathability is also important when deciding on the best underwear for hiking. There are many reasons this factor is key.

The more the undergarment is able to allow air to pass through, the faster it will dry. The faster it dries, the less likely you will feel uncomfortable.

Not only that, but the more breathable the underwear, the more free and breezy you will feel down there. Your skin will thank you for helping it do what it needs to regulate your body.

Best hiking underwear womens

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Women’s Best Hiking Underwear

Style for Women: Although most undergarments for women are made to enhance sex appeal, you want to choose something that will enhance performance. You don’t want to be pulling at your underwear all day.

Avoid high wasted: High waisted is another kind of underwear that should be avoided on the trail. The rubbing of your backpack straps and belt loops around your waist is enough.

There is no need to add more factors to cause chafing. For women, a mid-rise cut offers the best of both worlds.

1. ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini Briefs

As with all of the best underwear for hiking, the ExOfficio Women’s Give-N-Go Bikini Briefs is seamless.

In addition, this undergarment is made of the synthetic materials nylon and spandex. These materials are coated with antimicrobial protection for utmost health and odor reduction.

Additionally, the spandex makes it so your Give-N-Go’s don’t ride up and allow your waist to experience maximum comfort.

Check current price on Amazon.

The synthetic nature of these bikini briefs makes them affordable for even the thriftiest of hikers. Furthermore, this underwear is breathable and allows you to feel light and dry on the trail. Finally, these ExOfficio’s are longwearing.

If you are out on a backpacking trip and forget to pack more underwear, these briefs will last comfortably for days!

2. Balanced Tech Women’s Seamless Bikini Panties

Available in a variety of color combinations, the Balanced Tech Women’s Seamless Bikini Panties were created with individual taste in mind. All underwear is made with a nylon and elastane combination. This ensures your underwear will dry quickly with maximum breathability.

Check current price on Amazon.

There are no tags or seams to rub you the wrong way, and the nylon elastane will keep your unmentionables in place throughout even the toughest hike.

There will be no panty lines, either! In addition, the synthetic materials ensure odor resistance and moisture wicking performance.

3. Kalon Women’s Hipster Briefs

Made of 92 percent nylon and 8 percent spandex, the Kalon Women’s Hipster Briefs are a great underwear choice for hiking.

These materials are blended in such a way to give you a soft and stretchy experience. They allow for a breathable journey.

Check current price on Amazon.

There are no side seams to chafe you, and the leg edges are made of a sewn binding. The Kalon underwear is machine washable, as are all the best underwear for hiking. Additionally, these undergarments are in a bikini-brief style.

4. Boody EcoWear Women’s Sporty Cooling Underwear

A bit different than the other undergarments on this list are the Boody EcoWear Women’s Sporty Cooling Underwear. What makes these unmentionables unique is what they are made of.

Rayon derived from bamboo makes up 80 percent, whereas only 13 percent is nylon and 7 percent is spandex. This makes the EcoWear a sustainable, eco friendly product.

Check current price on Amazon.

The Boody Sporty Cooling Underwear boasts no seams to get in the way and cause chafing. They are also form fitting, so there will not be any unnecessary rubbing.

The organic bamboo rayon allows the undergarments to thermo-regulate your temperature. Breathable, moisture wicking, and hypoallergenic, these EcoWears were made to contend for the best underwear for hiking.

5. Wealurre Seamless Underwear Invisible Bikini

Back to nylon and spandex, the Wealurre Seamless Underwear Invisible Bikini does not disappoint. The body is made of 86 percent nylon, and 14 percent spandex.

The lining is 96 percent viscose, and 4 percent spandex. This allows for maximum breathability, as well as a comfortable stretch while hiking.

Check current price on Amazon.

This type of underwear is a low-rise bikini, meaning you won’t be chafing where your backpack hugs your waist.

There are no seams, so you don’t have to worry about panty lines or the havoc they can reek after repeated steps. This ensures you will be able to go the extra mile – literally!

Best mens underwear for hiking

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Men’s Best Underwear for Hiking

Style for Men: Men’s best underwear for hiking will have a close fit. Anything loose will rub too much and cause chafing and discomfort.

Additionally, the close fit will allow the moisture-wicking properties to work! If the material doesn’t touch your skin, it won’t be able to pull your sweat away.

If you have an issue with inner thigh chafing, it is important to choose an undergarment that is long enough to cover your whole inner thigh.

That is why wearing knee-length underwear is crucial to keeping more than your nether regions healthy. For men, very long boxer briefs fit the bill!

1. Apex Men’s Merino Wool Boxer Briefs

Some of the best hiking underwear is made of merino wool, and these Apex’s are no exception. The Apex Men’s Merino Wool Boxer Briefs are made of 100 percent Australian merino wool.

That fact alone makes them naturally antimicrobial, so you no longer need to worry about bacteria getting out of control. Additionally, the merino wool allows for maximum breathability.

Check current price on Amazon.

The Apex brags a form-fitting, seamless design to keep you comfortable all hike long. Additionally, the fly has been redesigned for better support and stability while outdoors.

The length on these merino wool boxer briefs is long thigh length, to protect your whole upper leg from chafing. Finally, these undergarments are moisture wicking as well as machine washable.

2. Under Armour Men’s Original Series Boxerjock

The Under Armour Men’s Original Series Boxerjock are some of the best underwear for hiking. The 90% polyester and 10% elastane work together to offer breathability as well as performance, and the materials allow for a 4-way stretch.

This gives you mobility in all directions on your journey. Additionally, Under Armour included their moisture transport system to wick away sweat and dry quickly for comfort.

Check current price on Amazon.

The mesh fly panel is articulated for better stability, and the fabric gives you all of the benefits of Under Armour HeatGear. The fit is next to your skin without any squeeze, so you don’t have to worry about your skin’s health.

These Boxerjock’s are 6 inches long, so if chafing isn’t an issue Under Armour may be right for you!

3. ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief

ExOfficio is a reputable brand known for their lightweight, durable, dependable outdoor clothing. Their underwear is no exception. The ExOfficio Men’s Give-N-Go Boxer Brief is one of the best hiking underwear options on the market.

Check current price on Amazon.

The Give-N-Go is made from 94 percent nylon and 6 percent lycra spandex. This underwear is also machine washable for quick and easy after hike clean up.

In addition, these materials dry quickly. So, if you get rained on or just sweaty on the trail, your skin won’t stay moist for long.

Additionally, these undergarments are treated with antimicrobials to keep odor causing bacteria from growing. The fabric has been diamond-woven, so you know you are getting underwear that will hold its shape and stay durable.

4. Quicksilk Men’s Bamboo Fiber Boxer Briefs

The only men’s underwear made from bamboo is the Quicksilk Men’s Bamboo Fiber Boxer Briefs.

Besides the 5 percent spandex, the rest of the undergarment is made of 95 percent sustainable, eco friendly bamboo. They are seamless, and work great for keeping chafe to a minimum.

Check current price on Amazon.

These boxer briefs are the shortest on the list, so if you tend to get uncomfortable in your inner thigh area you will want to go with another product. If you don’t chafe, this undergarment is soft and worth looking into!

5. David Archy Men’s Performance Boxer Briefs

The name says it all: these boxer briefs were made for performance! David Archy Men’s Performance Boxer Briefs are made of polyamide and spandex to offer you a high technology fabric. This allows for breathability, fast drying, and moisture wicking.

Check current price on Amazon.

To prevent chafing, David Archy offers longer legs. In addition, the seams are flatlocked for your skin’s protection. The front pouch is a 3D design with fly so you can go when nature calls.

If you want some of the best underwear for hiking, check out these performance boxer briefs!

Good hiking underwear

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The Best Underwear For Hiking: In Summary

Whether you are male or female, there is something on this list of 10 unmentionables for you! All of the best underwear for hiking has a few factors in common: breathability, moisture control, odor resistance, antimicrobial properties, and flatlocked seams.

If you buy with these 5 factors in mind, you will always find the best underwear for hiking. However, each individual has different preferences, so it is worth trying a few out to see what works best!

Your Turn

What is your favorite performance underwear (brand, style, or material)? Let me know in the comments!

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