Best shoes for hiking in water

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  1. Well, thank you for all of this information, but I am still confused! (Though considerably less so)… going on an adventure to Madagascar during rainy season…thus rain, mud, and high water are likely a constant, plus hot hot hot and humid, too. Daily hiking 5-6 hours, just with day packs…but still a lot of moving about. I have wide feet with one bunion, so need to keep that happy, if possible…Merrell has never fit my feet, too narrow and too heavy? Maybe I should try again. I bought some Salomon Amphibian 3 shoes, and think they will be good, and thinking plenty of good socks will help keep my feet from rotting off…any suggestions on socks? Also wondering if I ought to have a back up plan, as in a second pair of shoes…worrying more about cushioning on bottom as these don’t seem to have much…should I try Merrell again? I could fit in kid sizes which might be wider? That said, another recent article raves about the Chameleon 7 only, but there are so many choices…I am very used to light weight shoes, so not sure what to do…anybody have any advice? I have until Dec. 26, 2018 to get ready and “broken in”…what about sports shield for spraying on sore spots…any help with that? Thanks to any and all that might have something to add to help me through my dilemma, been worrying already for almost a year…bad feet = unhappy camper!

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