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How to Let Air Out of a Tire (Both Methods) RVer Guide

Inflating your RV tires is probably pretty comfortable. But what if you’ve overinflated a tire? There are two ways to let the air out of your tires, without damaging your tires or being worried about bodily harm.

In this guide, you’ll learn how to let air out of a tire – safely and efficiently. You can use either a screwdriver or tire gauge with a bleeder valve. Both methods are fast and require monitoring so you don’t reduce the pressure too much.

how to let air out of a tire

Read on to learn how to let the air out of a tire.

How to Let Air Out of a Tire: 2 Methods

These two methods for releasing air pressure from your tires can help you deflate and maneuver them as needed.

All you may need to deflate your tires are a screwdriver or tire deflator (bleeder valve).

1. Use a Screwdriver or Key (Easiest)

Using a screwdriver to let the air out of the tires is easy.

This method will allow you to release the air in your tires without much fuss and includes an everyday tool that people often use. You probably have one in your RV.

You can use most types of screwdrivers do to this. Flathead, Phillips, Robertson will all do the trick. You can also use a car key, pen tip, or any clean, similarly shaped tool.

Here’s how to let the air out of a tire with a screwdriver.

  1. First, you’ll need to remove the cap to your tire’s air valve. Keep a good eye on this cap to prevent it from going missing, and you won’t have to worry about it later.
  2. Take your screwdriver and gently press the angled tip into the valve center to push the pin inward. Hold the screwdriver in this position until your tire has released enough air.

The pressure release will happen quickly, so don’t get distracted. You’ll probably want to check the pressure a few times as you release the air pressure.

Note: Be careful not to apply angled pressure to the center of the valve. This could damage it and cause it to continue to lose air.

let air out of a tire bleeder valve
Let the air out of a tire using a bleeder valve

2. Using a Tire Deflator (Most Accurate)

The most effective method for letting air out of your tires is to use a specialized tire deflating tool.

The tool I like to use is this Joe’s Racing tire gauge with a bleeder valve. I’ve had mine for more than 10 years and it works great. Joe’s Racing is a popular brand of automotive gear.

Here’s how to deflate your tire.

  1. Remove the cap to your tire’s air valve and set it aside.
  2. Press the tire gauge into the tire valve.
  3. Depress the bleeder value until it’s reached the desired pressure.

What I like about this method is that it’s easy to see what the current pressure it, because the tire pressure gauge is already connected.

How Bleeder Valves Work: With the pressure gauge connected to the tire stem, depressing the bleeder valve allows the compressed air to escape.

how to let air out of tire

Removing The Cap?

I’ve read on a few sites that “the easiest way to reduce the air pressure in your tires is to remove the cap and allow the air pressure to go down.”

Is this true? Nope. Tire caps don’t keep the air pressure in. They actually are there to keep debris out of the tire value. Dirt, dust, and water can compromise the air valve and allow air to escape.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s more about managing tire pressure and how to check if you need to release air from your tires.

When Do You Reduce Air Pressure?

Your tire pressure should be reduced when traveling off-road but never when traveling on paved streets. Reducing tire pressure can make them more malleable and increases the surface areas, helping them adjust to the off-road terrain.

Can You Over-Inflate A Tire?

You can easily over-inflate a tire if you aren’t careful. Be mindful of how much pressure your tire can handle before filling it with air. If you put too much air in your tire, it could even explode while on the road.

Does Checking Your Pressure Release Air?

Checking your tire pressure will likely release a minuscule amount of air pressure. The benefits

Should You Release Air From Hot Tires?

You shouldn’t release air from a hot tire. It’s best to wait until they cool down, then release air pressure. When heated, tires can become dangerous and may explode.

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Your Turn

Releasing air from your tires is good skill for RVers to know, especially when they’ve been on the road for a while.

Thankfully, deflating your tires is an easy thing to do and requires basic skills and tools.

Have a tip or personal experience to share? Please join me in the comments.