Remove a tick head after body is gone

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  1. Excellent advice here. When I was young my parents used alcohol to get a tick “drunk” which worked. Also managed to remove one with this method. I think there may be some of the head left in but it’s been decades. Not sure if I should see a doctor about it now though!

  2. Thumbs up in Facebook parlance. Thanks, learned some new things. I’m 70 and this is the 1st time I’ve come home to a tick head separation problem. I don’t smoke but had always gotten ticks to back out whole with a lit cigarette in years past. My wife of 12 years never heard of that trick and our 4 house dogs haven’t had any ticks before now. She just pulled the body off.

  3. I just had a tick under my buttocks I think I pried the head out and body so now I’m just waiting for symptoms after a day and nothing happened then I should be right… Right?

    1. According to you should probably still see a doctor.

      Be sure to seek medical attention as soon as possible if bitten by a tick in order to be evaluated for any potential treatment.

      We’re not doctors here – and only a doctor is a doctor. 🙂

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