trail camera wont turn on

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  1. I purchased a new cell phone. Now I can’t turn on, or do anything remotely. (Campark T-80). I deleted the app from my old cell phone, did a hard reset on trail cam, no change. Even if I manually turn on internet, once it connects, it says “connected, No Wi-fi”. I contacted the seller, (purchased on Amazon), ridiculously horrible customer service. I’d junk it and buy a new one, but it takes excellent video & pics… any suggestions?

  2. Trail cam will not power up when an SD card is inserted. Tried several different cards and nothing. Remove the card and it will power up. Any clues please?

  3. my muddy mtc 100 continues to take still photos like a semi auto firearm regardless of the configuration. and no response from customer service or tech support.

  4. My Wosoda 300 G trail cameras are taking photos every 5 or 10 minute intervals day& night steady . How do I resolve this issue with them ?? I hope to fix rather then replace . Your help would be greatly appreciated .

  5. The batteries in my Meidase SL122 went dead and when the batteries were changed it won’t go past a blank screen. I even tried using the dc connection with the same result.

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