why is my trail camera not taking pictures

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  1. I have my camera set to take videos. It works fine most of the time. But aleast once a day it will take a video (deer triggered and video is good) and it will take about 50 more video none stop for about and hour. After the first video nothing is triggering the camera. Once it stops it will work fine for a while.

  2. I put my camera out in the evening, it takes video until midnight but doesn’t video the rest of the night. Have I touched something in my settings that I shouldn’t have done?

  3. My trail camera takes pictures but everything is black. The batteries are new as is the SD card. Any suggestions?

  4. My camera turns on, makes a sound like it’s taking a picture but does nothing. I have 3 cameras doing this.

  5. our camera turns on, goes brrrrring and then the screen is white with no image at all. It has a good card, new batteries, but the menu won’t come up. Do you think it is fixable?

  6. my spec ops trail cam says lock in the middle of the home screen, i need to know why it says lock and what do i do to unlock it so it will take photos and videoa

  7. After starting the camera a 05 second countdown starts then the camera shuts down! ? I only capture two videos – me setting it up and picking up the camera!

  8. I have an encounter trail camera and it doesn’t send anything to my phone even though it has a full signal

  9. My cam won’t turn on. Put new batteries in and the screen light barely wants to turn on and dies. Like the power to it wants to start but goes away quickly. Yes it had corroded batteries in it. But I opened it up and cleaned the best I could. Any suggestions?

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